Wanda Nara-Mauro Icardi, the secret messages. “Together again in Paris”

Following the media chaos over the alleged betrayal of Mauro Icardi against his wife Wanda Nara, the Argentine press did not stop investigating the case. Until the release of the screenshots of the messages between the Paris Saint-Germain striker and the “uncomfortable third” Maria Eugenia Suarez, known to the Albiceleste audience as “La China Suárez”.

Nothing compromising, it seems. Starting with the message, via Telegram, from Suarez calling Mauro Icardi: “You and I must go out”, adding “somewhere in the world where you are not recognized”. It seems that Wanda Nara also discovered phone calls between the two “illegal immigrants” on her husband’s phone. Therefore, the news about Wanda is ready to start divorce proceedings. But things seem to be going differently.

According to a remake of the events, La China Suárez, currently in Madrid for professional engagements as an actress, would have contacted Mauro Icardi on social media. Exchange messages and likes and she asks for the number of Wanda’s husband, who accepts. Then messages and phone calls. But when he was invited to a night out for two, Icardi would have replied that joda, the nightclub, “made me tired.”

According to well-informed people in Argentina, the issue may have been exaggerated by Suárez’s ex-partner, actor Benjamín Vicuña, talking on the phone with Wanda Nara. “They never met, nothing happened to each other,” they assured during the television program Los gengeles de la Mañana.

wanda nara mauro icardi betrayal messages together

A few hours later, the latest news that, if confirmed, would close the issue permanently. After the outbreak of the case, Wanda Nara left Paris to go to Milan. Icardi, with the permission of Paris Saint-Germain, reached her, they appeared together on social media in an Instagram post of the 28-year-old center forward. Then, however, Wanda, on the same social network, showed her hand without faith. A clear message.

The latest information speaks of the return of Wanda Nara to Paris by private flight. With the two daughters that Icardi had, Francesca and Isabella. But that’s not all: Mauro Icardi would also be there. And the Argentine press insists: at home they will be able to deal with the issue more calmly “and then come back together”. But, even that, until the opposite is confirmed or proven. Or new overthrow.

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