WATCH: Mike Leach Goes On Halloween Candy After Mississippi State Win Over Vanderbilt

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There’s nothing that gives football coaches the chance to show their personality like their teams handily take care of an opponent, and that’s exactly what happened on Saturday, for the Mississippi State Bulldogs in a stellar win over the Vanderbilt Commodores 45-6. The comfortable win gave head coach Mike Leach ample opportunity to discuss a topic he is very good at – candy.

A week before Halloween, the SEC Network broadcast mentioned how Mike Leach has a complete aversion to candy corn, leading to a post-match question that led to Leach starting a passionate tangent about his favorite candies.

“I mean, I really hate candy corn,” Leach said, before discussing his favorites. “Gummy bears for sure… The Haribo’s. It has to be the Haribo’s. And what I also like is when they had the Sprees in a box. Excellent. You have to go to the dollar store to find it, but I do.

“And then the last… There is still candy innovation, although a while ago I discovered that Europe had better candies than us in general. It’s because they have everything gummy. But they have those Nerds clusters, which is new “That’s good! The Nerds clusters are good. And if you go for chocolate, probably Almond Joy.”

While it’s quite likely that Leach is out of trick-or-treating by now, it was all a treat for his Bulldogs on Saturday. Quarterback Will Rogers threw for the best four touchdown passes of his career against Vanderbilt, while the Mississippi state defense held the Commodores on offense only 155 yards and six runs. Mississippi State’s win brought them to the right of .500, improving them to 4-3 on the season.

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