Wayne Grecki sold his large home for the second time, winning again

The mansion, owned by the former No. 99 jersey, was built in 2002 at the request of architect Richard Landry, who specializes in similar-sized contracts and built a pre-war colonial home for Gretzky and his wife, Janet.

It means a house with brick facades, which are complemented by distinctive white elements. Also near the main building it is possible to find side details such as a gazebo in the same style.

The gate, ie the main entrance, is decorated with white columns in antique style, the whole corridor is covered so that the owner and his guests are protected on arrival, for example during the rain. The house on a plot of 2.7 acres is surrounded by a beautiful garden with French touches.

Inside the residence, visitors will find not only what one would expect from one of the greatest sports legends, but perhaps a little more. In addition to the essential pool, tennis court and first-class gym for more homely guests, the marble kitchen, equipped with state-of-the-art SubZero and Wolf appliances, is likely to impress.

A small separate living room is connected to the large bedroom and is accompanied by two bathrooms. In addition, there are five other private rooms in the house, along with six other bathrooms and toilets.

The house is complemented not only by a tennis court, but also a large swimming pool with jacuzzi.

Photo: Profimedia.cz

Owners and guests will find entertainment, for example, in the games room with pool table or in the home theater.

The whole household covers more than 1,200 square meters. the main building is complemented by a pair of separate guesthouses and then a garage, above which there is accommodation for staff.

Twice in the same river …

The home is located in the walled community of Sherwood Country Club. According to the Variety website, the hockey midfielder, who shone on the ice between 1979 and 1999, is selling his seat for the second time.

They were first bought from him in 2007 for $ 18.5 million (crowns 389 million) by baseball player Lenny Dykstr, who, however, went bankrupt a few years later and had to get rid of the mansion.

It must have been strange for Grecki to buy the house back, but only for 13.5 million (284 million kroner) from the owners, who acquired it at auction after Dykstra.

So now Wayne Grecki sold the house for the second time, and although he received “only” $ 17.6 million (371 million kroner) for it against the originally requested amount of 22.9 million dollars (482 million kroner), he won again money the deal. This time the buyer was a couple Eric and Joanna Miller.

Even this time, the new owners are not so far from the sport, Joana Miller is the daughter of real estate mogul and multimillionaire Donald Sterling, who once owned the Los Angeles Clippers basketball team.


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