“Web cancelli fake news” / “Stop conspiracy theories and post-truth”

On the occasion of the IV World Meeting of Popular Movements, last October 16 Pope Francis in a video message has launched several digital, environmental and social calls: for the Holy Father we must build a world of brotherhood to eradicate evil and injustices unfortunately still very present.

To underline his total opposition to the way in which the “right to speak” on the web has developed and spread, the Pope in fact arrives at directly ask the “web giants“(Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, etc …) to intervene to end abuse of fake news and the like, has spread to the maximum during the last few years of the global pandemic.


I want to ask, in the name of God, the tech giants to stop exploiting human frailty, people’s vulnerabilities, for gains no matter how much hate speech increases, [adescamento di minori in internet], the fake news [notizie false], conspiracy theories, political manipulation»Pope Francis explains in his video message to Popular Movements around the world. He says he wants to ask all media to end as soon as possible “to logic of post-truth, disinformation, defamation, to calumny and this sickly attraction to scandal and agitation; who seek to contribute to human brotherhood and empathy with those most hurt“. Finally, to the telecommunications giants themselves, in order to be able to liberalize access to educational content and exchange with teachers via the Internet:”so that poor children can receive an education in mid-quarantineA lot of praise and support for the Holy Father’s proposals came, but not everyone liked the intervention of Pope Francis: His demand to “limit” freedom of expression to end alleged plots has not fully convinced, as has opposition to controversial narratives and opposition to the global general public. The good demand remains that false theories do not spread via the web with very serious consequences for people: “This system, with its implacable logic of profit, escapes all human control. It’s time to put the brakes on the locomotive, an uncontrollable locomotive that is dragging us into the abyss. We still have time», Concluded the Pope.


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