The government has allocated SEK 5 million to develop a common student health web portal, which will complement the usual student health care at any higher education institution. The portal will include web lectures, courses and workshops in Swedish and English.

The aim is to increase the digital coordination of student health care at universities and colleges. This, in turn, is expected to lead to access to student health care for all students, and to strengthen the work of higher education institutions with student health care through increased collaboration and knowledge sharing.

– With this web portal, the government wants to contribute to strengthening the work to promote the mental and physical health of students and thus increasing the conditions for a good and safe study time. National coordination of digital student health care can help to alleviate student health locally and spread good practices between higher education institutions, said Education Minister Anna Ekström (S) in a press release.

Stockholm University, Linköping University and the University and College Council (UHR) have been mandated by the government to lead the work that will take place in collaboration with the other universities and colleges and the Swedish Student Unions (SFS).

The contents of the portal should be open to all students.

The co-pandemic has meant a big change for medical students. Several local chapters of SLF students have expressed concern about the mental state of the medical students. Mental illness among medical students was discussed at the most recent council meeting in the fall of 2021.

In a 2017 report, the SLF student showed that every second medical student has reduced mental well-being, and nearly every twelfth medical student has considered ending their life.

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