Weekly review in Ustka, the most important events from 3/10 to 9/10/2021, check if nothing important has happened to you

We have prepared a weekly press for you. If last week you were too busy to keep up with Ustka news, now check out the articles other readers read most often between 3/10 and 9/10/2021. Check that nothing important has escaped you. Have you read the article: “People of the Sea – Skippers and Captains of Ustka”. Is this exhibition a must see?

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Weekly press release 3.10-9.10.2021 Ustka: other events

Below, we feature other articles that caught the attention of Ustka readers over the past week. What was so important that you couldn’t take your eyes off it?

📢 Two exhibitions to see in Słupsk and Ustka. The opening took place in Ustka (photos)

On Thursday, October 7, two new exhibitions were opened at the Ustka Creative Activity Center, which can be visited in all exhibition halls of the Baltic Contemporary Art Gallery in Słupsk and Ustka.

?? Apartments and houses full of nonsense. Who built it? See the effects of the work of “experts” from a fluff and makeshift

Apartments and houses should be designed and built by people with the appropriate knowledge. When this is not the case, absurdities arise that are difficult to believe. Go to the gallery and see the photos which clearly show how the combination of laziness, lack of common sense and an overly vivid imagination results in construction.

?? The big Facebook crash MEMY Welcome to the world without Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram

The big failure of Facebook, WhatsApp Messenger and Instagram has been avoided. Social networks and messaging are already working, but it has marked Internet users. For some, it was the end of the world, which was recorded in the memes. Check out the best of them in the photo gallery. The big failure of Facebook is not only the loss of Internet users who did not know what to do with themselves. Mark Zuckerberg lost a lot of money.

📢 Bicycle column. The route runs along the summit of Klif Dębiński

More cyclists than mushroom pickers – that’s the first impression of an off-season trip in early fall to the seaside. It’s surprising, as I’ve often combined cycling and mushroom picking in the coastal zone, where I have known for a long time what it grows and where it grows. I admit that this time I have a greater desire to ride on cliffs and give myself four letters to improve my physical condition, as well as to satisfy my curiosity about what the recent storms have caused.

?? The seas of call, anger, and vengeance. 45 years ago the yacht “Iwona Pieńkawa” sailed from Ustka across the world

Exactly on September 15, 1976 in the afternoon, the yacht s / y “Iwona Pieńkawa”, built in Ustka, was said goodbye, along with her owner and captain Dominik Dzimitrowicz on a trip around the world.

📢 Indian summer by the sea. Ustka is full of walkers

The weather on Saturday is perfect for outings by the sea. In Ustka, most of the walkers were in the harbor and on the promenade. This time should last a few more days. For comparison, the highest and lowest temperatures of the last 30 years in Ustka: on October 2-3, 2011, thermometers read 21 degrees Celsius. However, not every year brings a great Indian summer. On October 2, 1998, it was only 4 degrees and on October 3, 2013, it was 3 degrees Celsius. Let’s enjoy the good weather. It will be even hotter on Sunday.



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