We’re going to Hong Kong, Hyrule and Hell this weekend – are you?

Real and unreal adventures.

In an ever-changing world, you can be sure there will always be #game weekend again. And yes, it’s that time again. The FZ gang travels through real and unreal worlds, battling monsters from hell and space. It could be an unforgettable weekend. What does yours look like?

Fredrik “200 hours Zelda” Eriksson
Once I thought Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom would be a game before or during the holidays. He became before, during And After.

Jonny “The one with the hat” Myrén
I’m going to run like Zelda (it’s him with the hat) in a tearful realm where I constantly get lost. I also discovered to my delight that the pearl ghost of a tale is available for Switch, so it should start.

Mikael “UFO” Berg
Unattached alien and his lackeys to banish for eternity I Xenonauts 2. Preview early next week!

Mike “Hong Kong” Straneus
Replay sleeping dogs and realize that it’s still one of the best open world games in the world. That he has a radio channel dedicated to the Ninja Tune label is just the icing on the cake.

Robin “Ethan Hunt” Andersson
During the week I watched all the Mission Impossible movies before the new one to see this weekend. In terms of gameplay, it will be something with the same theme; IGI 2: Secret Strike.

Johan “The Butcher” Eklund
The holidays have started and I’m dealing with hell Diablo IV. I haven’t killed any monsters since the beta. Is it as horrible as they say with patch 1.1?

Johan “Sweet/Salty” Lorentzon
It will be sweet and savory as I will mix the new season in Diablo 4 with Pikmin 4.

Jonas “Vaken” Vågström
Hopefully the end credits will be on Alan Wake Remastered so we’ll see what happens, maybe I’ll keep going through Remedy’s catalog of games and take it with me Control.

Joakim “Pixlig” Kilman
I’m curious to know Full vacuuma pixelated platformer in the same spirit as Another world and others, it seems. Also, play till the end Monkey Island 2 a little fast.

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