Wester returns to Sweden – chooses Önnered

Linnea Petterson. Photo: Simon Hastegård / BILDBYRÅN

Linnea Wester is back in SHE. The 28-year-old returns to Sweden after a season in Germany and it will be Önnered’s HK who will share her skills on the pitch.

After ten years in Sävehof, Linnea Wester chose to leave everything safe in Sweden and move to Germany. The choice fell on Bundesliga side HSG Blomberg-Lippe and the year in Germany was a success for Wester. The team finished sixth in the table and the same year also saw the debut of the A team.

– The year in Germany was purely handball the best season I had, although there were other challenges and it was hard to be away from family and friends like that, she says To Önered website.

Over the past year, however, there has been less handball for Wester, who became a mother earlier this year. Now she is ready for a comeback and chooses to do so in Sweden and SHE. The 28-year-old signed a contract with Önnereds HK and is aiming high in the rankings.

– We need to put the group together really well, have a certain ease of course, but above all a strong conviction and will that it actually works, Wester answers the question of what is needed for Önnered to win gold in SHE next season.

Wester points to the mix of players in Önnered’s squad as one of the reasons why she chose this particular club.

– I see Önnered as a top team in SHE that has established a stable base as an association to build on, so that we can now take the final step to the top, she told Önered website.

Önnered start next season on September 8 away against Skuru. Then it remains to be seen whether Wester’s two-way play can give the team a dream start to the season.

Linnea Wester was previously Linnea Pettersson, but got married and changed her surname.

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