What does the word Halloween mean?

For several years now, the feast of Halloween it became popular in our country. This typical party especially in countries like USA and Canada takes place on the eve of all Saints Day, October 31st.

Today it is mainly aimed at the little ones, who dress up and roam the houses in search of trinkets to the cry of “trick or treat?”. Now, do you think you know everything about this holiday?

If we ask you where does the word ‘Halloween’ come from, you might answer? It is known to everyone, we associate it with this celebration, but what does it mean? Have you ever stopped to discover or translate its origin? We’ll give you a helping hand.

Where does the word ‘Halloween’ come from?

Halloween is a contraction of the expression All Saints Eve, Which translates as ‘All Hallows’ Eve. Since this holiday is always celebrated on October 31, it makes sense. You already know where this curious word comes from that we all have so deeply rooted, so this year you can look really good with your group of friends by contributing the data in every conversation about this party.

On Halloween everything is laughter, but the truth is that the origin of this party is not funny at all. The celebration is believed to come from a festival of Celtic origin over 3000 years old. It is called the festival of Samhain, due to which it was believed that the souls of deceased people could one day return to visit their homes.

The living lit great fires in the hills to ward off evil spirits. But, Where does the tradition of dressing up come from?

It seems that by then people they wore masks and strange clothes with the intention of not being recognized by these evil spirits. Hence the costumes we see today of fantastic characters such as demons, witches or goblins, trying to scare.

Although we currently associate Halloween with an American holiday (particularly the United States), the truth is that it is a Celtic tradition, which lived mostly in European territory. This feast was ended in many places with the Protestant Reformation, but countries like Great Britain or Ireland continued to celebrate.

With the discovery of America and the transfer of many immigrants from Ireland and Britain, this tradition began to be celebrated, giving it a more festive and cheerful touch and making it more appealing to the little ones. The first Halloween parade in the United States was held in 1921, exactly 100 years ago.

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