What fear and what great fun that house!

The “house of fear” set up for Halloween by Lerry and Laura, a couple who set up their house a long time ago, on the occasion of the big anniversaries, is enjoying great success. For Halloween, then, the laitmotif of the set-up can be nothing but emotion, while, Christmas, was the time of the big traditional party.

The preparatory work for 31 October has been completed in the last few days and, in short, the house was transformed once again into the “Mecca” of many spectators, who arrived from all over Porto Viro and beyondThe fame of the place and its “make-up artists”, in fact, has been spreading like wildfire for months. And, on social media, there is applause and compliments, as well as a lot of joy for moments that pass into happiness, all together. The sights, in fact, are completely open to visitors.

There are monsters, witches, skeletons and pumpkins to celebrate Halloween. The innovation this year is that it can be accessed from behind to embark on a terrifying path. The really special thing is that you go through a coffin. Of course, this family has a lot of imagination and the beauty is that it gives it time and creativity to entertain young and old.

With the smoke, the sound effects, the music and the special effects it becomes very evocative. Last year, many people visited, apparently following health rules and wearing masks. Laura and Larry are truly a world of creativity: in fact, in addition to setting up their house for Halloween, they also set it up for Christmas. And they have become stable in these two seasons of the year. And they are really good: last year, just on Halloween, October 31, with masks, they offered candies and chocolates and themed sweets to the children. In short, even this year Halloween is celebrated at the home of this couple and there are many surprises. It is celebrated in the United States and England, in recent years the party has been held in Italy and, on the evening between October 31 and November 1, many children, and often also adults, walk in disguise as monstrous creatures for the famous “prank” ritual. treat”. In fact, it is said that it is possible to save oneself from terrible jokes in macabre colors only by giving sweets. Some say that the Halloween holiday has its roots in the Celtic holiday of Semhain, which coincides with the Celtic New Year.

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