what happened in the first episode and the final ranking

First episode of dancing with the Stars 2021 between music, fun and many surprises. In fact, his new competitors, many of whom pleasantly surprised the jury and the audience from home, have all eyes on the track. The three most voted couples were Arisa and Vito Coppola, Morgan and Alessandra Tripoli and Mietta and Maykel Fonts, earning 10 bonus points for next week. “You have all the skills to be one of the best dancers here, but you have to keep it that way,” said Arisa Jury Chair Carolyn Smith, first in the 85-point chart: the singer made her debut with a Charleston and got the treasure of 50 points that the dancer Pippo Baudo won for one night. Morgan with 47 points on the second step of the podium. “For me you have the opportunity to get a kind of Green Pass for the world of entertainment with this new adventure of yours”, was the comment of Selvaggia Lucarelli (and between the two there was no lack of jokes and horrors). For Guillermo Mariotto Mietta and Maykel Fonts, third in the standings with 42 points, they were absolutely perfect to deserve a 10. Thursday Sabrina Salerno who, along with Samuel Peron, played in a sensual tango. In sixth place is 83-year-old Memo Remigi.

Pippo Baudo dancer for a night of surprise

The special guest of this first episode was Pippo Baudo. The “dancer for one night”, however, did not dance and limited himself to watching a choreography dedicated to him on his notes Her name is Donna RosaAlthough he had not danced, however, Baudo (and the choreography performed by the ballet troupe) received the highest marks from all five jurors, forming the 50-point treasure that then went to Arisa.

First controversy in Dancing with the stars

However, there are controversies, starting with the performance of Federico Fashion Style with Anastasia Kuzmina. Their cha cha cha was not perfect and the jury awarded very low voices. A decision that was not made in Kuzmina. The dancer expressed some “prejudices” towards her student and characterized the votes she received as “unfair” taking into account the commitment made by the hairdresser and the chances of its development during the program.

Dancing with the stars, the final ranking of the first episode

This is the final ranking of the first episode. Arisa and Vito Coppola 85 points, Morgan and Alessandra Tripoli 47 points, Mietta and Maykel Fonts 42 points, Bianca Gaiscogne and Simone Di Pasquale 40 points, Sabrina Salerno and Samuel Peron 38 points, Arisa and Vito Coppola 35 points, Memo Remigi and Maria Ermach 33 points, Alvise Rigo and Tove Villford 33 points, Valeria Fabrizi and Giordano Filippo 27 points, Al Bano and Oxana Lebedew 24 points, Valerio R. Albertini and Sara Di Vaira 24 points, Andrea Iannone and Lucrezia Lando 22 points, Federico Lauri and Anastia Kuzmina 21 points, Fabio Galante and Giada Lini 14 points. They were not excluded.

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