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If on the one hand the Or, the video assistance system for referees also introduced in Italy from the 2017-2018 season, has had the merit of reducing the decisive errors of referees, however it has considerably lengthening of the evaluation period for doubtful episodes. In some situations this is inevitable: human judgment will always be essential, for example, in examining tackles from a penalty kick. In others, however, further use of technology could not only speed things up, but also ensure the accuracy of the final decision. the business of off-side, an offense that leaves no room for interpretation. Although sometimes millimeter, it can in fact be evaluated according to objective geographic criteria: either yes or no beyond the line of defenders. Nevertheless, as stated in the official Fifa channel given Arsne Wenger, Arsenal technical historian today head of Global Football Development of the highest organization in world football, it takes on average around 70 seconds, sometimes 80, others even more before the Var assistants assess a position. Which leads to too many celebrations being canceled due to fringe situations. For this ai World Cup 2022 a automatic detection system able to solve the problem once and for all.

Two types

That Fifa was looking for useful solutions in this direction was already clear at the 2019 Club World Cup, when the first behind-the-scenes gender experiments debuted. semi-automatic (then profollowed in the 2020 and 2021 editions). Objective: to allow assistants in the Var room to receive the signal from specific GPS software (including the Swede Tracab) to be informed, almost in real time and without lifting a finger, of any irregularity in the position of the attackers. Wenger’s real intention for the competition in Qatar, however, is to introduce the system. fully automated. The difference? THEarrival of offside signal directly on the linesmen’s clock (similarwatch out for what happens with the referee when goal line technology kicks in). In this way, each raising – or not raising – of the flag will no longer have to pass the screening of the room, so as to eliminate a degree of control usually prolonged. It is important to emphasize how this would not completely erase the discretion of the line agents. In fact, they would continue to have the task, with the help of their colleagues from the Var, of evaluating the active or passive nature of the offside.

Hurry up

Wenger seems to have no doubts: I think the automatic offside system will be ready for 2022. A prediction perhaps too optimistic, considering that unlike the semi it has not yet been experienced in any official meeting. At present therefore, Ifab (the legislative body of world football) would never give the green light. The version already tested is therefore more likely to be approved., but also in this case after further checks in the field. However, sudden acceleration in the process is not ruled out, as the former coach has said he is a star. push very hard on the introduction of full automation.

Does the rule also change?

Another novelty in terms of offside could finally be constituted by a ‘less rigorous interpretation of the standard. In line with FIFA President Gianni Infantino’s desire to increase the number of goals per game, in fact, as described in this link to the study, the hypothesis of even judge the position of attackers partially in play as regular, that is to say of those which present only a (useful) part of the body beyond the opposing line. In other words, the position of the most advanced part of the body would no longer determine the possible offside, but the last. Unsurprisingly, Wenger revealed that the idea was greeted with great enthusiasm by forwards, let alone defenders. It’s hard to blame them.

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