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Bridgestone officially announced, in collaboration with the Arlanxéo and the Solvay, the Techsyn, a new technological platform that made it possible to create a new product that combines chemically optimized custom synthetic rubber with silica. This, according to the forecasts of the three manufacturers involved, will make it possible to create tires with a wear efficiency greater than 30% and a rolling resistance reduced by 6% compared to the products of the summer range of the Japanese house.

Basis for future new products

Clarify, Techsyn it’s not the name of a new range of tires (or rather, we don’t know yet), but of the technology behind it. It is a system developed over the last two years, an extremely short time for a project of this magnitude, in Bridgestone, from the Dutch rubber manufacturer Arrangement (one of the largest in the world) and the Belgian chemical company Solvay. The project aimed to develop a new product that could pursue the image of an environmentally conscious company Bridgestone, creating the basis for tires which, first of all, can last longer, thus reducing waste, and on the other hand, they will allow a reduction in the consumption and emissions of the various vehicles that will mount them, through not only the lower fuel consumption, but also the reduction of CO2 emissions and even the less loss of material by rubber during use.

“In Bridgestone we believe that cutting edge innovation and the future of mobility cannot be achieved without collaboration – he said Laurent Dartoux, President and CEO of Bridgestone EMIA – The partnership in which Techsyn is rooted has evolved into one of the most exclusive we’ve ever been a part of. As a global leader in advanced solutions and sustainable mobility, we look to the future by always placing innovation and sustainability at the center of everything. Thanks to the development of environmentally friendly solutions such as Techsyn, we are making great progress in achieving this ambition ”.

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