what is it, when it was born, why it is celebrated

The World Earth Day (Earth day) is the largest environmental event dedicated to the Planet and has been celebrated every year since 51 years old.

Born in 1970 raise awareness of the importance of conserving the Earth’s natural resources, she has succeeded in recent years in mobilizing over a billion people in the 193 UN countries concerned.

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Daytime of Earth: Earth Day April 22, 2021

Today the World earth day it has become the most powerful reminder of the protection of the planet in all cultures and for all generations. As planned by the United Nations, Earth Day is celebrated every year one month and two days later the spring equinox, April 22.

Earth Day April 22, 2021. The theme: repair the damage

Each edition has its own theme. That of World Earth Day 2021 And Restore our Earth: that is to say, we repair and rehabilitate the Planet (from the damage already caused). Therefore, intention is not the only raise awareness of humanity on the need to reduce the environmental impact through the use of natural processes, the use of green technologies and innovative techniques. But also something to try repair the damage already done.

why saving Earth is no longer just an option, it’s a necessity.

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Earth Day 2021: the watchwords

The watchwords are protection e environmental sustainability. Common objectives, a major objective protection e backup of the planet. A curiosity: In Italy, one of the best organizing committees in the world is active, theEarth Day Italy (the European headquarters ofEarth Day Network from Washington, the international NGO that promotes United Nations World Earth Day).

Earth Day: new words from those who love the Planet

And since new energies and new words are needed to protect our planet, in this gallery we also present the neologisms most importantly born through the spread of greater environmental awareness. A useful linguistic tool e very costs to describe the rediscovery of the relationship between man and Earth, the trends a more sustainable way of life and those most used by companies. Browse our gallery on Earth Day 2021.


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