Who is Samuele Palumbo, the winner of Tu si que vales

The winner his indisputable the final Of Saturday, November 18 Of You deserve it And Samuel Palumbo, the talented 12-year-old violinist who plays like a true professional: it is no coincidence that he is the first violin of the Teatro Massimo Youth Orchestra in Palermo. Born in Cefalù in 2011, he has been playing the instrument since the age of 6. In the final competition to compete to receive the coveted prize – 100 thousand euros in gold coins – There are four groups consisting of 4 artists, all ready to show their love for the art they bring to the stage: singing, dancing and performances of all kinds. Samuele arrives among the four finalists of this episode, along with the performer Julia Catenaof the comedian Amedeo Abbate and the singer Fabio Piacentinafter winning the battle with Les French Twins, Duo Vita and Fresh ‘n’ Clean.

Samuele Palumbo in Tu si que vales 2023

Samuele Palumbo has amazed the jury and the audience since his debut on the show: his infectious energy and his exciting and visually captivating performances, accompanied by his signature curls which, according to Luciana Littizzettomake it a “Branduardi 2.0”, help to dedicate him as the winner of this edition of Tu si que vales. Lots of talent but also little surprises: many will remember in the episode of Saturday October 21, when the boy appeared for the first time on the stage of the talent show, proposing the songs Bloody Marys, Long live life and Cancan by Jacques Offenbach, something unexpected happens, an event that shows how the 12-year-old’s talent is dictated not only by his studies, but mainly by the passion and fun with which he experiences music, which emerges every time he plays his favorite musician instrument.

But what happens to that opportunity? The boy, jumping on the stage with great enthusiasm, repeatedly steps on the microphone, which fell while dancing the Can-Can, in danger of breaking it. In fact, Samuele is forced to repeat the last part of the number because the sound is distorted and the final transition between one melody and another cannot be heard well. Despite this and a joke from Gerry about the damage to the device, Samuele receives only compliments from the jury, also earning a great 100% from the crowd. In the studio, in fact, there is no shortage of thunderous applause and shouts of approval. Among the opinions of the judges – Maria De Filippi, Gerry Scotti, Luciana Littizzetto and Rudy Zerbi – We cannot forget the words of the latter, who highlight the young violinist’s excellent technique in managing an almost impossible key change.

The final and the winners

During the finale, Palumbo casually plays three songs familiar to the general public: Bohemian Rhapsody, The summer(by Vivaldi) And Popoff, confirming its ability and flexibility. These are the young man’s words during the episode on Saturday 18 November:My experience at Tu si que vales was definitely exciting, something out of the ordinary. The first time I was impressed by Maria because she understood the message I wanted to convey, that of having fun, dancing and playing. For me to win would be fantastic: it would mean that all the sacrifices I made and the sacrifices my parents made would pay off.

The result of the televoting is heard by Samuele’s mother, present in the center of the studio with her son’s cartoon nearby, as minors cannot be in front of the cameras after midnight. In addition to the victory of the latter, other talents stand out in the final: we are talking about the comedian Amedeo Abbatehis winner Freshness Award of the value of 30 thousand euros offered by Vigorsol, and of dancing waiter from Scotti stable who in addition to taking the title of “best” had moved Jerry Scotty to tears in the last episode.

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