Why do you neglect it? Russia got meddled after the compatriot title, which was only beaten by the Czech Republic

She lost in the tournament qualifier against a Czech tennis player, but still managed to qualify for the main competition and won the tournament. The story of Russian Maria Timofeeva stirs up emotions, but they were also stirred by the reaction of the circuit’s former world number 13, Jelena Vesninová.

When twenty-two-year-old Czech tennis player Anna Sisková defeated Timofejevová in the final of the qualifying tournament in Budapest after three spectacular sets, it was not such a sensation. Although even for the talent of Olomouc, it was a success and a first in the WTA main spider.

After all, this was a match between third- and fourth-hundred tennis players, in which anything can happen.

But then she sided with Russian player Štěstěna and eventually called herself a lucky loser.

And now the cup. Less than a week later, she celebrates with a trophy for the winner of the tournament. In doing so, she knocked out former World No. 20 Darja Saville or World No. 66 Nadia Podoroska from Argentina.

“It’s like a dream for me. Everything is new for me. But I’m so happy and grateful, if I had no luck, I wouldn’t even play here,” the 19-year-old Russian mumbled during the ceremony.

Although the reputation of a great junior player precedes her, there was no indication in recent months that she should go from the third hundred in the rankings in a flash. But 250 Hungarian tournament points catapulted her to 129th position.

Her success lifted former Russian tennis player Jelena Vesninova from her seat. And again, not because of the success as such, but because of how the WTA Tour reported it.

“Maria Timofeeva won the first tournament on the circuit and the WTA does not devote a single post or photo to her from the ceremony. Instead, we see 300 photos of the champion from the Palermo tournament. Is that OK or did I miss something?” the former world’s best doubles player tapped into her Instagram Stories.

The WTA Tour has dedicated itself to the story of the sensational champion in Budapest, at least on Twitter.

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