Why now is the right time to go to Ravenna

Ravenna was saved, I noticed it immediately, on my arrival in the early afternoon: although very careful to catch even the slightest trace of natural disaster, walking along the avenue that leads from the station to the center, I did not perceive the slightest difference from my last visit to the city: the same relaxed vibrancy in the streets, the usual comings and goings of bicycles, the usual care of urban spaces. then me verified the situation regarding the opening of churches and museums: everything accessible, not even a reduction in opening hours. Finally, towards dinner time, I had the absolute confidence, observing very crowded places, the bustling locals, the squares full of locals, to compose that peculiar atmosphere, relaxed and sophisticated at the same time, which already enchanted my first time, many years . before.

Ravenna was saved. The eighteenth-century embankments of the Fium Uniti protected it, they explained to me in a bar over a glass of Centesimino. So, now freed from the anxiety that had accompanied me there, I celebrated by devoting myself to an unprecedented experience: Mosaic by Night tour, allowing you to admire the masterpieces of San Vitale, the Mausoleum of Galla Placidia and other important sites in the moonlight. Apparently, Ravenna not only survived, but continues to renew itself.

Winston Ferguson

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