Women’s Handball League: 5 new signings

Ida Berlin, here at BK Heid. Photo: Christoffer Borg Mattisson / BILDBYRÅN

There are some star recruits in the Handball League. But which players have been recruited a little discreetly and nevertheless have the ability to succeed this year?

These can be players in positions the team really needed, players whose moves haven’t been reported much, or simply underrated players.

Wilma Pettersson, H65 Hoor

A great team player who can score goals, make assists and also play good defence. On top of that, a type of leader who seems to help others feel better. Pettersson is a perfect player in Ola Månsson’s team building and I think we’ll see the proof of that soon enough. Here, the H65s have achieved a truly smart signature as they bring both edge and width into a single drive.

Wilma Petterson. Photo: Christoffer Borg Mattisson/Bildbyrån.

Fröydis Wiik Seierstad, Kristianstad HK

An experienced Norwegian midfielder who played in Europe with Sola HK has therefore chosen Kristianstad HK as the new club for this season. Judging by the reports, he is a two-way player who can not only control play or score, but also be successful in defensive play. A perfect player for KHK in other words.

Fröydis Wiik Seierstad.
Picture from: Kristianstad HK

Annie Linder, IK Savehof

I had the opportunity to become the first goalkeeper in Skövde after Josephine Nordström left for Skuru. Linder developed very well last season and finished fourth in the goalkeeping league after a particularly strong fall. She now clearly becomes Partille’s second goalkeeper behind Johanna Bundsen, meaning Sävehof once again has the best pair of goalkeepers in the series.

Anne Linder.
Photo: Michael Erichsen / BILDBYRÅN

Ida Berlin, Skara HF

She only played six games last season when she suffered from heart problems. Hopefully the problems are now repeated and Berlin can focus on handball again. Before the injury, Berlin were really good on the left nine with 36 goals in six games. If Berlin is safe and sound, we can count on her to relieve Skara.

Ida Berlin.
Photo: Christoffer Borg Mattisson / BILDBYRÅN

Siw Aabech, Hong Kong from Önnered

Speaking of players with injuries, Aabech had a complicated season last year with concussion issues and never found a rhythm in her game. Despite this, she scored 90 goals and 41 assists in just 14 games and was rather superior to KHK (when Sarah Carlström was not playing). Now the Dane will join a better team with more players able to share responsibility, which I think will make a huge difference. Don’t be surprised if, after the season is over, we find that Aabech was the best new signing of the season in SHE.

Siw Aabech, Onnered

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