Women’s protest in Afghanistan. They demand the right to study and work. “We are not afraid!” | world news

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The Taliban took power in Afghanistan

The demonstration took place in front of the seat of the governor of the region. About 50 women took part. The participants in the demonstration declared that they were not afraid of the new government and called for the inclusion of women in the government formed by the Taliban. According to Agence France Presse, they even emphasized that they were willing to accept the burqa if their daughters could still go to school. “We have the right to education, work and safety,” they chanted.

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Afghanistan. Women don’t believe the Taliban’s promises

The Taliban seized power in Afghanistan last month. They are currently determining the form and composition of the new cabinet. Their spokesmen announced that their leadership would be “inclusive”. They also ensured that women could continue to work, but within the confines of Sharia. They also allowed the girls to continue their education in schools basis, but until the formation of a government they stopped educating women at a higher level.

However, women are afraid that the promises of the rulers will not be fulfilled. “We follow the news and do not see women at Taliban rallies and rallies,” Mariam Ebram, one of the protesters, told AFP. – Talks are underway about forming a government, but there is no mention of women’s participation. We want to be part of the government – no government can be formed without women. We want the Taliban to consult us, emphasized Basira Taheri, co-organizer of the demonstration. Most working women in Herat, she added, stay at home because of fear and insecurity.

– Some women, such as doctors and nurses, who have dared to go back to work, complain that the Taliban are mocking them. They don’t look at them, don’t talk to them. They just show their angry faces, Ebram said.

During the first Taliban rule, before 2001, most Afghan women were not allowed to study and work. Women were also not allowed to leave the house without a husband and they had to wear a burqa in public.

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