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When Sollentunalaget Maj FC started in 2019, the goal was clear: to win the Gothia Cup. Two years, a pandemic and many cups later, the team is back in Sollentuna, with the trophy on the shelf.

  • Posted 3:48 PM, Aug 5, 2022

Here you play with your best friends and I think that benefits us.

– Going through the tunnel and exiting onto Heden, listen for the audience behind them. It was extremely cool, says Neo Jnsson, one of the Maj FC players.

Just over five days have passed since the Gothia Cup team returned to Gothenburg. The tournament is the biggest football cup in the world for young people and brings together 1700 teams from all over the world each year.

Maj FC met rivals Krra Dragons in the playoffs and after the game they were able to lift the hump and claim the Boys 15 category winner.

– It was really big and maybe not something anyone expected either. There are a lot of foreign teams playing, so we had tough opposition, says Jacob Ringqvist, also a Maj FC player.

Second chance

even if the victory was a bit of a surprise, the objective was increasingly clear. It was already established when Maj CF was created.

– The team has a meeting every winter where we set our goals for the year. Already in 2019, when we broke up, we said to ourselves that we wanted to win the next Gothia cup, says Neo.

But a pandemic led to two canceled cups, until in r.

– We have a second chance. It was like joy and relief flowed through us when we won. Because we had set ourselves such a big goal, I “finally” knew when we had won.

Lying in 2023

The team, which today has around 21 players, chose in 2019 to part ways with Sollentuna FK, where they previously played.

– The club they played in was more like an obstacle. The boys were good but couldn’t train when they wanted, play the games they wanted. Instead of having to change clubs or play in other municipalities, we created our own team, explains coach Nicklas Jnsson.

The fact that a team separates from a larger club is also called a “pop-up club”. This meant that a team broke away from a club and wholeheartedly invested in that one team, usually for a shorter period.

– In the fall of 2023, we will close. Then we have our target and then the plan is for the boys to move on to other clubs,” Nicklas explains.

Best friends

On the lawn outside Neo’s house there is a football game, most of the guys in the team have known each other for a long time, even went to kindergarten together. Like Neo and Jacob.

– This creates a completely different legal framework. In other teams you play with people from all over Stockholm, here you play with your best friends and I think it benefits us, Neo and Jacob agree.

– Because we’ve been playing together for so long, we know each other’s style of play so well, we know what’s going to happen.

What will happen after 2023 is not certain. But a new cloud has appeared in the sky of the team; Allsvenskan for boys 16.

– The season coming now is the last one, so we’ll see what happens, Neo says.

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