World Cup, League A: “Support for clubs that refuse to be called up in countries in quarantine”

A few days before the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, the Lega Serie A succeeds the Premier League and La Liga: support for teams that decide not to grant players for the September matches to play in countries that would require isolation upon return to Italy


The Serie A League decide to not to concede their players to the Nationals that they will have to play in Villages on return, a delay of forty. We make it official Remark broadcast Wednesday: “La Lega Nazionale Professionisti Serie A – we read – announces that on the occasion of the Fifa window in September 2021, will support in each place the decision of its clubs not to release the players called up by the national teams to play in countries where fiduciary isolation is envisaged for their return to Italy in compliance with the legal provisions in force on the Sars – Cov – 2 “virus.

“Risk of competitive disparities”

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A response to the abnormal window set at the beginning of September for the meetings of the national teams, which this would prevent many clubs from having returning players from South America available for subsequent league games and in Europe. “On the other hand, the decision of FIFA not to extend the exceptions to the convocation for countries where there is an obligation of quarantine on return (FIFA circular 1749) – it is written in the note of the League – and the various limitations linked to the spread of the pandemic would create competitive disparities for the teams which allowed their members to travel to these countries ”.

The precedents: the “no” of the Premier League

The Lega Serie A thus joins the Premier League and La Liga in the list of leagues that have opposed Fifa. The decision of the English clubs will apply to almost 60 players from 19 clubs, who is expected to travel to all 26 Red List countries in the September Nationals window. A note published on the official Premier League website states that “the quarantine upon return from these countries would not only affect the well-being and fitness of the players, but would have a significant impact on the season because footballers were unable to play two Premier League rounds, one in European competitions and one in the League Cup“It all started with Liverpool’s announced refusal to concede Wrong in Egypt for matches towards Qatar 2022 against Angola and Gabon. A choice linked to the fact that these are countries which for the United Kingdom are in the red zone and that the returning player would be forced into a quarantine of at least 10 days which would force him to stay out of the league for 2 days, not including the League Cup and the Champions League. “This period takes into account 10 days of quarantine at the hotel on return to England – it is specified – but it does not include the extra time needed for players to get back in shape“.

The La Liga veto

Along the same lines as the Prime Minister, the League. The clubs of the Spanish first division will not make available to the national teams which will play matches in the countries of the red list, and in particular those of the South America, their players. “La Liga will support in all areas – reads an official note – the decision of the Spanish clubs not to make their international players available for the summons of the selections of the Conmebol zone, and will take relevant legal actions against this decision which creates problems for the regularity of the competition“. Interested La Liga players at the moment there are 25, from 13 different clubs. “La Liga will support in all areas the decision of the Spanish clubs not to release the national teams for the summons of the Conmebol (the South American federation) and will take the appropriate legal proceedings against this decision”.

Infantino writes to Johnson: “Follow the example of Euro 2020”


2021, a summer we will never forget

He intervened against the positions taken by the three leagues Gianni Infantino. The FIFA president written to the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson so that Premier League players returning from engagements with the national team in countries at risk are exempt from quarantine. “The allocation of players to national teams in the next international windows is an urgent and very important issue: we need a demonstration of solidarity – we read – England and Spain also share the responsibility of preserving and protecting the sporting integrity of competitions around the world.“. Fifa’s goal is to try to avoid a standoff and not alter the regularity of the World Cup qualifiers, scheduled for Qatar from November 22 to December 18, 2022. “I proposed an approach similar to that adopted for the final phase of the European Football Championships“is the option offered by Infantino, with reference to exemptions for foreign VIPs who attended matches at Wembley without undergoing isolation.

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