World Music Festival, workshop in Milan to learn about musical instruments from around the world

Its elegant frame Villa Litta Modignani and his own park in Milan, also thanks to a beautiful sunny day, was the perfect setting to make the day Sunday, October 10, from 10 to 16, a series of workshops on knowledge andin-depth study of genres and musical instruments from around the worldIntroduce its international artists MoSaIC program in the role of matadors and a multitude of children, children, young people, adults, the elderly and families, along with students of the Amadeus Academy and students of the Altomilanese schools which hosted the school days of the project.


World Music, workshop in Milan 4 of 15

“After the days in the schools of Altomilanese and Legnano, which took place thanks to the contribution of the European Commission and the Ticino Olona Onlus Foundation, the workshops were at the last minute of an important training seminar in which music was the only language of communication for all, where moments of cultural, musical and human development were experienced together, in a context of integration of peoples and cultures “commented the president of Amadeus, Marco Raimondi who added” strangely, together with the children, we also saw the participation of many adults, testifying that music is truly a timeless an experience that knows no generation gap “. Also present at the event was the director of the Amadeus Academy, Enrico Raimondi, who wanted to add: of Gallarate and hosts students of preparatory and preparatory courses “.

World Music, workshop in Milan

The calendar was really full of events starting with the singing lesson for beginners by the Russian soprano Natalia Bakhtina, followed by the session “Fun with sounds and voices” by the Belgian Greet Wielemans and his masterclass oud, a stringed instrument of the Middle Eastern tradition performed by the artist M Adhoum. Participants had to make a difficult choice as parallel events took place in another room of the villa at the same time: Scottish cellist Christine Cullen and some students had a session to deepen their knowledge of the cello, followed by an interactive workshop. music and art, with Danish musician Mette Marie Ornstrup Jensen, Syrian harpist Salam Susu Yamor and Danish artist Jacinta Madsen. At the end of the morning the Syrian artist Mohamad Zatari with an in-depth session for stringed instruments in the afternoon continued with a percussion workshop conducted by the Bulgarian Maria Natskova and ended with a guitar music session conducted by the Peruvian musician Moreno Palmisano. Two other workshops took place in the park: Hungarian musician Petra Aker accompanied the students on a torso and voice experience, while Romanian saxophonist Alexandros Arkos led a rhythm and movement workshop.

An interesting violin making experience took place in the column room of the villa with flutist Pierangelo Prandoni guiding the students, armed with drills, files and saws, to make a real work flute starting from a bamboo trunk. The big“The appointment with MoSaIC is now for the last scheduled concert, Saturday, October 16, 2021 at 9 pm in Legnano, in the church of Agios Lytrotis, among the guests are the Ivorian singer Diane Olga Ahikoua and the Bulgarian folklore group from Milan.

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