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On February 1, the headlines say how the epidemic of an increasingly widespread disease, without social discrimination and with a high mortality rate, claims ruthless victims, one after another. The representative of the city, both densely populated and dedicated to work, announces it, waiting to find out if good news is coming for once. It could be the brief description of the situation that has unfolded for almost a year in our daily lives, while it is only the opening words new movie Netflix which leads Tom Hanks on the screen of the eminently flowing giant. Let’s talk about World News, reaching exclusively to this platform February 10, 2021 and that we had the pleasure of doing a preview for you. This time it is a moving story, written and directed Paul Greengrass who returns to work with Hanks later Captain Phillips – Offshore attack, nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture in 2013. So how many differences separate the atmosphere that reigned in Texas in 1870 and our world about 150 years later?

News from the world, adventures from nineteenth century America

America is divided internally after years of conflict that has divided communities, separated families and resulted in the deaths of more than 600,000 people. Every news item raises doubts and no one knows who to trust. A situation of uncertainty and social darkness appearing from the first shots a wild, barren land, abandoned to itself, like its inhabitants. The season is not the best: as expected, we are here 1870, just five years after the end of the Civil War and the captain Jefferson Kyle Kidd, played by an impeccable Tom Hanks also in this role, can only move from one city to another, now a widow and with three wars behind him.

Conflicts fought with weapons, but what they are no less painful than what people experience of this earth, as well as the turmoil in the heart of a girl he meets by chance. From a document, he discovers his name: Johann Leonberger, who will take the nickname Cicala and is played by a young Helena Zengel, already present in his scenes Systemsprenger.

(from left) Captain Jefferson Kyle Kidd (Tom Hanks) and Johanna Leonberger (Helena Zengel) in News of the World, written and directed by Paul Greengrass.
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The girl is only ten years old and has been captured by the tribe of gods Kiova Six years earlier, he had grown up as one of them and, as a result, spoke a language that the good Jefferson did not know. However, in the same certificate that the man found, it seems that there is still at least one aunt a Castleville, who may be ready to hug the young woman again. Neither attempts at an irregular but clear German approach are capable of narrowing the gap between the two, but its events two hours of viewing to allow us to take part in a story with a historical flavor, with cold photography and able to give us a piece of history painted by the skillful hands of a director who uses the screen as a canvas.

The fatigue of life and plot

The film struggles to knit, starting with a kind of constant push and pull with Johanna, who can not give herself peace of mind and objectively complicates the life of the captain, a man who carries inside suffering, divisions, loneliness, not only for the existence he leads, but also for the losses that determine his emotional realm. A fate, that of the actor, that leads us to remember the previous story of his loneliness Cast away or the lightest, but also characterized in that case by linguistic and social distances, in The terminalOn the contrary, in World News, seeks to repair relations between communities cities that were otherwise divided on the ground, crossing it for hundreds of miles and supporting this operation with its readings, trying to avoid attacks between Indians and settlers.

This film attempts to describe the search for his own street and home. When Kidd meets Johanna, the little girl is about to return to her only surviving relatives, whom she has never met, but sea ​​voyage to this destination, as it should be, becomes a path of knowledge, observation, therapy, for certain aspects. Despite having different but equally difficult and painful experiences, the nomads in a country that is ultimately their mother. The two characters represent the nation to which they belong, which in the years following the Civil War is trying to find its own identity.

At night I can not sleep like before. – Yes, your stories can keep you company up to a point.

Genesis of a journey on earth and in the heart

No signing experience has an easy and obvious origin, not even the story told in this film. The director, in fact, reading Paulette Jiles ‘novel, was impressed by the subjects examined, already seeing Hanks’ face in the role of Captain Kidd. As Gail Mutrux, the film’s co-producer, pointed out, we are in this story. many parallels with the Odyssey: the idea of ​​facing a long, difficult journey, which does not precede the discounts and which does not imply the necessary achievement of a real place, but in primis to be able to relieve himself of the weight of his wounds.

Aren’t you tired of all this? Didn’t we burn body and soul in the war?

Goetzman presented the film to Universal Pictures and Paul Greengrass agreed to become the director. Start from his brilliant first film Damn Sunday and passing through i thriller of the epic Limit, Greengrass, a former journalist who has embraced the world of documentaries, has created a genre of his own, capable of making us see vivid experiences connected to a direct and compassionate reality.

The barren lands of the great American West, which remind us of what is observed in the desert The Walking Dead and in its spin-off Fear of TWD, take the narrative to levels of breadth and emotion it has never reached before. We remember it: no matter how much the movie is well thought out locations, photography, costumes and the entire visual field, The storytelling can really prove slow. Characterized by long silences, battle sequences where action and shocking battle do not dominate, but observation, calculation and strategy, News from the world is shaped as a reflective story, a kind of documentary depicting the meeting of two languages, two worlds , two lives so far away, but so close with the smallest common denominator: humanity.

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