World profits from ‘shocking’ prediction: Czechs will win euro, shoot Denmark in final

Will England, France or maybe Belgium win? The foreign media are full of predictions for the European Football Championship which has just started, but one of the predictions stands out: According to Sportradar, the Czechs will win the Euro.

In the final of the championship Souček a spol. defeats Denmark 3: 2. This is the prediction of the famous company Sportradar, which simulated the course of the upcoming championship.

Its conclusion is not a cry in the dark, not a prophecy from the legendary Oracetic Octopus Paul. The company claims to have used a wide range of technologies and computer models, processing millions of pieces of data over the past two decades.

“Football is unpredictable. It’s one of the things we love the most about this game, but few fans would put the Czech Republic and Denmark in the final,” said Werner Becher, Sportradar regional general manager for the ‘Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America. America, America.

The results of the forecast were quickly picked up by the global media. Al-Jazeera, an Arab TV channel with hundreds of millions of viewers, also reported on the Czech team’s potential triumph. The Burnley Express news site sees Matěj Vydra, who wears the jersey of the local football club, the architect of the surprise victory charges from coach Šilhavý.

However, the analysis of Gracenote Sports, which among others regularly assesses results at the Olympic Games, is no longer so favorable. According to her, the Belgians have the best chances of winning the European Football Championship. They are followed by England, France, Spain, Italy and Portugal. The Czechs will apparently not leave the group.

Belgium and England have a fourteen percent chance of winning the title, while they give the Czech team just one percent. Only Hungary, Slovakia, Finland and North Macedonia are worse off.

According to Gracenote, the Czechs have a fifty percent chance of advancing to the playoffs, which is the least of Group D. In contrast, the analysis gives the English 97 percent, Spain, the Netherlands, to Italy, Denmark and Belgium as well. have a great chance for the knockout stages.

For the first time in history, the championship will be played across the continent, hosted by 11 different countries. European gold is defended by Portugal. Just like five years ago, when the number of participants was enlarged, 24 teams will compete in the championship, which are divided into six basic groups of four teams. The top two teams from each group and the top four from third will advance to the round of 16.

The championship kicks off on Friday evening with the Turkey – Italy match, you can watch the live broadcast HERE.

As the bookmakers see it

A favorite of the next football championship According to bookmakers Fortuna, the reigning French world champions are in the 6: 1 odds. Originally the first choice was Belgium, the number one team in the world according to the FIFA rankings, but after pardoning the shooter Benzema, the two teams switched. The Czech team’s golden chances are expressed at a rate of 150: 1, only six other teams, including Slovakia, are bigger underdogs than ours, ”said Fortuny expert Roman Kovařík.

The opinion of punters on the biggest favorites in the championship is similar, with Belgium playing the most at 30%, followed by France 22% and England 21%. The fourth in a row is the victory of the Czech Republic, which accounts for around 8% of tickets.

“In position the top scorer in the championship The Englishman Harry Kane is expected to attack in the 7-1, in the Czech group he will still have acceptable opponents (Scotland, Czech Republic, Croatia) to concede a few goals. The Albion captain is excellent at the standards level and in the limes England will also play a lot of pressure, ”said Fortuny expert Roman Kovařík.

The best shooter of the Czech team Patrik Schick is expected to become 3-1 in the tournament, clearly number one in attacking coach Šilhavý, who will most likely play every game. The second in line is Tomáš Souček (6.5), who has scored 10 goals in the current year, one more than Schick at Leverkusen ”, concludes the expert from Fortuny.

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