XXII International and National Onomastic Conference

Misia Uszatka Street or Czarodziejska Street – such examples of urban nomenclature no longer surprise anyone.

It is a matter of changes in the minds of the residents, who increasingly choose names that are close to their experience and sensitivity.

This is believed by the participants of the International and National Onomastic Conference, which was held for three days at the University of Rzeszów. Nearly a hundred linguists from Poland and abroad discussed changes affecting proper names, especially in the multicultural space. Examples of names of industrial companies, shops, restaurants, streets, cities and names were analysed. As Prof. Artur Rejter, Chairman of the Onomastic Committee of the Linguistic Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences (Polish Academy of Sciences), changes in language are natural and one should not be afraid, for example, of the influence of other languages ​​on the Polish language.

In previous centuries we were concerned about the negative impact of Latin or French language, now it is about English, but any change in the mother tongue makes sense.

– said Prof. Clerk.

The XXII International and National Onomastic Conference, organized by the Polish Academy of Sciences, was first held in Rzeszów. The media patron of the event was the Polish Radio Rzeszów.

Interviews with scientists are presented to you on the broadcast “The world is changing” next Tuesday (19.10) at 5:05 pm.

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