You will go to Troja for rafting and water slalom. There will be a new water sports area

In the new space, sports enthusiasts can practice rafting, for example. / Illustrative photo

PRAGUE – In future, the new national water sports training center will be built in Troja, on the banks of the Vltava, along Vodácká street. It should allow both better training of professional athletes and the hosting of international competitions. But it will also serve ordinary people, all year round.

The area will have the character of a landscape park located in the floodplain of the river. The focal point of the area, the canoe channel, will create a new arm of the river 12 meters wide and 270 meters long. The stepped slope with grandstands will provide space for up to 1,255 spectators. The canal will complete the existing slalom course. “It will be intended for the training of athletes in aquatic slalom, rafting or for rodeo in white water”, explains Antonín Klecanda, councilor of the capital Prague for education and sports. For shipyard users, the project also includes the construction of a new road and an adjacent parking lot that can accommodate up to 70 cars. In addition to water sports, the new sports complex will also offer a children’s playground or an atrium for cultural production. In addition, the elements of the rescue system will also be able to train there. From the new sports venue, the capital promises both an increase in prestige among water sports enthusiasts and in income from visitors to sporting events who will come here from different corners of the world.

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The new construction will not even disturb the Vodácká Street cycle path on the left bank, which will be supplemented by two concrete bridges. On the right bank of the newly created island, however, a new sidewalk will be added with a paved lane for recreational joggers and two new wooden footbridges for pedestrians.

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