Zambian player Mladá Boleslavi has received a severe punishment from the LFA. He will not play 8 games

The LFA Disciplinary Committee handed down one of the toughest penalties in the history of the Fortuna League. Zambian midfielder Bonson Sakala will miss the next eight games due to a foul on Vlastimil Daníček in the weekend game. He injured Slovácko’s player in the shoulder and the deltoid ligament in his ankle, which will prevent him from playing for six weeks.

Benson Sakala will probably regret this intervention for a long time. In the fourth minute of regular time in the weekend game between Mladá Boleslav and Slovácko, he slammed into Vlastimil Daníček and hit his ankle instead of the ball. Referee Rouček didn’t hesitate and immediately drew a red card.

The Football League Disciplinary Committee decided on Thursday that he will not play the next eight matches. “Benson Sakala’s intervention with Vlastimil Daníček was, in the opinion of the LFA Disciplinary Committee, completely reckless and cruel. In addition, he caused serious consequences for the health of Slovácko players, shoulder and leg injuries, due to which the player will be limited in his normal lifestyle and sports activities for several years. weeks, LFA Disciplinary Commission Chairman Richard Baček said in a statement.

In its assessment, the LFA Disciplinary Committee relied, among other things, on the medical report of the Tomáš Bata Regional Hospital in Zlín and decided to proceed with the sanction, with which it wants to reaffirm that it will continue to punish severely. similar interventions that endanger the health of players. Moreover, we can speak of luck because the clash did not have much worse consequences for the player from Daníček,“Baček added.

The eight-match ban is one of the toughest ever in the Fortuna League. The biggest sinner in history is Leonard Kweuke, who in 2013 received a twelve-match ban for a foul on Radek Dosoudila.

Spartan player Ladislav Krejčí and Olomouc defender Lukáš Vraštil were also suspended for one game after receiving a red card. Mladá Boleslav striker Matěj Pulkrab will also be rested for an extra game.

England star Lauren James also committed an unsportsmanlike foul at the Women’s World Cup, for which she received a two-match ban:

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