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10.23 The live broadcast of the online test of young women of the World Road Cycling Championship in Flanders is completed here! Good luck with OA Sport!

10.22 The ranking of the first 22 at the finish:
1 BACKSTEDT Zoe Great Britain 1:55:33
2 SCHMID Kaia United States ,,
3 RIEDMANN Linda Germany 0:57
4 UIJEN Elise Netherlands ,,
5 MACPHERSON Makayla United States ,,
6 COUZENS Millie Great Britain ,,
7 VANHOVE Marith Belgium ,,
8 RAYER Eglantine France ,,
9 CIABOCCO Eleonora Italy ,,
10 GEURTS Mijntje Netherlands ,,
11 VALGONEN Valeria Russia 1:02
12 PERKINS Flora Great Britain 1:03
13 VAN DER MEIDEN Anna Holland 1:05
14 BARALE Francesca Italy ,,
15 MOISTURE Carola Netherlands 1:15
16 LEECH Madelaine Great Britain ,,
17 EBRAS Elizabeth Estonia 1:16
18 AHTOSALO Anniina Finland ,,
19 SANDER Laura Estonia ,,
20 LEVEL Elina Estonia ,,
21 IVANCHENKO Alena Russia ,,
22 AINTILA Wilma Finland ,,

10.20 Italy failed to make the match, losing the right moment for the attack.

10.18 Ninth place for Eleonora Ciabocco, fourteenth for Francesca Barale.

10.16 A specific sprint: the two were studying each other up to 150 meters from the finish, starting almost from a standstill. Schmid was the first to break the delay, but the force on the pedals of the art daughter in this very short piece made the difference! His generosity was rewarded!

10.15 Third place for the German Ridman!


10.13 Schmid does not let an emotion shine, nor does it insure …

10.12 LAST KILOMETER! Now the two of them are looking at each other waiting for the last shot!

10.11 The impression is that Backstedt has given everything in the previous kilometers, while Schmid has saved a lot more energy.

10.10 But with a lot of effort, Backstedt brings it back! St. Antoniusberg, last wall!

10.09 Shot by Kaya Schmidt three kilometers from the finish!

10.08 Four kilometers to the finish for Zoe Backstedt and Kaia Schmid.

10.07 Eleonora Ciabocco remains in the top positions, having the opportunity to play for a world bronze.

10.06 At the back there is the compulsion of Ridman to try to leave the team in view of the sprint for third place.

10.05 And vice versa the British try at the end of the climb, but Schmid remains stuck in the wheel.

10.04 Penultimate uphill, Wijnpers: now Backstedt looks tired.

10.03 Now 1’40 “margin for the top duo. A chess game is played between them.

10.01 Backstedt talks to its flagship, trying to figure out where it will try to distract its opponent and avoid a possible sprint finish.

10.00 Zoe Backstedt and Kaia Schmid love and do well. Eight kilometers to the finish, we are in Decouxlaan.

9.57 While in Kieserberg, let’s go back to Schmid for a moment: we were talking about the three medals at the Junior World Championships, strangely enough, she was the only author of medals for the United States.

9.56 In the meantime, hopes have been dashed: now the chasing team is playing only the world bronze.

9.54 At the last World Cycling Championships in Cairo in early September, Schmid won gold in the elimination race, silver in the omnium and bronze in the points race.

9.51 The advantage of the top duo is reaching the minute right now! Backstedt will do his best to get rid of the American, a great track specialist.

9.49 Last round! Backstedt and Schmid have a 46 ”lead over the Ciabocco group, so far it looks like a two-way race for the rainbow jersey!

9.46 With the release of Riedmann, the athletes had recovered almost 20 ”during the escape, but at their own pace Backstedt and Schmid widened the gap again. Behind the hunting group gathered.

9.45 But this team has only 12 ”in the squad that includes Francesca Barale and Alena Ivanchenko.

9.43 Macpherson, Uijen, van der Meiden, Cousens, Riedmann, Perkins, Ciabocco: this is the team chasing Backstedt and Schmid.

9.42 All this was due to the release of Linda Riedman, who deflated the chasing team. There is also Eleonora Ciabocco

9.40 Uphill fall on the chase group! Francesca Ciaboco is also on the ground, who managed to get up! The Russian Ivanchenko was also left behind!

9.38 Zoe Backstedt again! Shot of the British trying to get off Schmid, but the American holds a blow.

9.36 Zoe Backstedt goes by train. And yesterday he turned 17: an impressive gait and muscle mass.

9.32 Germany took the lead trying to correct the margin, but it is difficult now to restart the flight, consisting of two athletes with great legs! Barale and Ciabocco on the chase team.

9.30 Be careful, because the action seems to be good! There is no agreement between the pursuers, the margin of Backstedt and Schmid is now 30 ”!

9.28 Increases the margin of the two leaders slightly, now increased to 12 ”.

9.26 Italy was very generous in its search. Team with Ciabocco at 8 ”from the top duo.

9.24 The third round is over: the ubiquitous Backstedt and the American Kaia Schmid are on the attack.

9.23 Perkins continued, but there is another attack on the chain! All in English: one British and one American in advance!

9.22 Great Britain tries again, this time with Flora Perkins just before St. Antoniusberg! Try in every way not to reach the sprint.

9.20 US champion Olivia Cummins is late.

9.19 Another attack from the British, which becomes cream again in the team!

9.18 The British brought with them five other athletes. The hole fills, but it looks more like a rehearsal dress.

9.17 We are back at Wijnpers and there is the forced pursuit of Zoe Backstedt!

9.14 Dutchman again in the lead for shots.

9.11 40 km to the finish.

9.08 The escape is increasing, the team of the best is solid.

9.07 Between the first and second teams, 39 are left to fight for success. The advantage of the fugitives remains around 15 “.

9.06 In front there are some interesting cyclists, such as the British Zoe Backstedt.

9.02 Ciabocco and Barale to lead the chase to the fugitives, who have about a ten-second lead.

9.01 The second round is over and Italy returns to the top group!

8.59 St. Antoniusberg, with the dash at 11%: we are at the end of the second round. And Eleonora Ciabocco tries to do everything herself to return to the leading team!

8.57 Italy can get help from Alena Ivanchenko’s Russia, which was also excluded from the attack. Ahead, however, there seems to be no agreement: 15 “for them.

8.56 There are about fifteen athletes with this small advantage. There are Great Britain, France, Germany and the Netherlands, but not Italy. After about fifteen seconds, Italy needs to improve.

8.54 A small group has been set up in advance more than 50 km from the finish. You do not see them blue, it seems …

8.49 Decouxlaan arrives, the longest wall of the day.

8.48 Now a British cyclist is leading the team after the first 20 km of the race.

8.46 Meanwhile, Valentina Vasiliko is coming down. He may have paid for the many commitments he made earlier.

8.45 We returned to Keisberg.

8.43 Now it’s Denmark to take the lead and make the fight tough.

8.41 60 km to the finish.

8.38 The first lap of the Leuven circuit is completed, the Netherlands again leads the group.

8.36 Having also passed St. Antoniusberg, we are moving towards the end of the first round.

8.35 Very bad fall! Czech Kopecky grabbed the curb, causing a Belgian cyclist to fall to the ground in pain!

8.34 I covered the first 10 kilometers of the race.

8.32 Italy remains cautious at the moment, remaining in the belly of the best team. Eleonora Ciabocco, silver in the last European Championship, will keep her strength for the hottest moments of the day.

8.30 Wijnpers, 360 meters with 9% peaks: this route never lets athletes breathe.

8.28 Meanwhile, there is the abandonment of Latvia Laura Belohvscika.

8.27 The Netherlands are again in the lead to make the pace. The main team is already left with about fifty units.

8.25 Decouxlaan arrives, the largest wall of the day with its 975 meters.

8.23 After the first wall the team is already very tense. Expect a lot of options as soon as the road goes up.

8.22 We are already in Keizersberg, which reaches the peaks of 9%.

8.20 The Dutchman is immediately placed at the head of the business management team.

8.19 500 meters and there is another fall! Three athletes took part, including a Swiss.


8.17 Kazakhstan Violetta Kazakova stayed late.

8.15 The team has just started for the zero kilometer and there is already a drop. A Slovenian athlete on the ground, fortunately without consequences.

8.14 A race really open to all possibilities. We expect attacks from all sides.

8.11 The Italian national team will be represented today by Francesca Barale, Valentina Basilico, Eleonora Ciabocco, Carlotta Cipressi and Michela De Grandis. The Blues are among the highest representatives along with the Netherlands, Germany and France.

8.08 116 the girls who participated in today’s race to wear the rainbow jersey.

8.05 75.2 kilometers to decide who will be the new world champion in the category after the American Megan Jastrab.

8.01 Hello everyone and welcome to LIVE LIVE of the online test of the World Junior Women’s Road Cycling Championships.

Good morning to all the friends of OA Sport and welcome to the LIVE LIVE of the online test of the Junior Women Cycling Road World ChampionshipThe Rainbow Shirt is awarded two years after the last time the American dominated Yorkshire Megan Jastrab.

The race will start and end in the city of Leuven and will take place on a track that will be repeated five times, with four “walls” going up: Keizersberg (290 meters at 6% but with peaks 9%), Decouxlaan (500 meters at 3.8%), Wijnpers (400 meters at 7.5%) and Sint Antoniusberg (100 meters at 7%).

A race open to any kind of result, let’s expect a lot of turmoil at the 75.2 kilometers that will come alive during the day. Italy will rely on Valentina Vassiliko, Reigning European Zero Champion and winner of four World Track and Field Championships at the recent World Championships in Egypt, and Carlotta Cipressi, eighth in the European rendezvous won by Linda Riedmann.

The live round of the Women’s World Road Cycling Championships will start at 8.15 am, coinciding with the start. Have fun!

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