Artur Walczak fights for his life in hospital after knockout at MMA gala

PunchDown is the largest slapfighting federation in the world. At official galas, players compete with each other on the basis of the knockout phase, the so-called ladders. The duels take place in the 1v1 formula, at the table and consist of slapping each other on the cheek with an open hand. Victory – as in other martial arts – is decided by: knockout or the judgment of the judge. All the galas so far have been well received and the group of supporters of this spectacular discipline is constantly growing, both in Poland and around the world.

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“It’s a very interesting form of entertainment. Punchdown can repeat the success of the strongmen.”

“Waluś” in critical condition. The BGC bonus blames the organizers

The Totalbet Punchdown 5 gala, which took place in Wrocław on Friday, ended with the victory of Dawid “Zalesie” Zalewski. It ended disastrously for Artur “Waluś” Walczak, who was eliminated by “Zalesie”.

After the knockout, “Waluś” was taken to hospital, but no one expected how serious the injuries were. That was revealed on Saturday by a friend of the player, Bonus BGC, who wrote that Walczak is fighting for his life and is in critical condition due to a brain hematoma. He also blamed the too slow medical assistance to “Walus”.

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PunchDown has issued a statement. He writes about a “very unfortunate event”

The PunchDown federation issued a statement about this on Saturday afternoon.

We would like to inform you that as a result of one of the fights from yesterday’s PunchDown 5 tournament, one of the contestants, Artur “Waluś” Walczak, is currently under medical care in the hospital.

It is a very unfortunate event, an event that no one wishes for, although it is inherent in the risk associated with this sport.

During last night’s unfortunate incident, the paramedics on site responded immediately, taking Artur to a safe place, where he received first aid and underwent further medical evaluation. The participant remained conscious, but the disturbing neurological symptoms observed by the rescuers prompted them to be called to the ambulance service, which was done immediately. The ambulance service then transported Artur to one of Wrocław’s hospitals to provide him with further specialist assistance. A detailed medical report on the progress of the incident will be prepared early next week.

Protecting the health and lives of PunchDown participants is one of our top priorities. We will always maintain the highest standards to protect the health of our players. These include providing necessary medical assistance from paramedics on the competition site, as well as ensuring the fastest possible access for participants to specialized medical facilities.

Artur is not only a participant in our galas, but also our friend. He can count on our support. We are in constant contact with his relatives. We keep our fingers crossed that he recovers quickly.”

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