BMW introduces the eighth generation iDrive infotainment

In the case of the top SUV iX, the system is based on two consecutive screens, one instead of a 12.3-inch dashboard and the other in the middle of a 14.9-inch cabin.

Both screens form a single dynamic surface, which the driver can adjust extensively to suit his appearance as much as possible. The physical buttons have been reduced again, for example the vent controller is integrated in the center display, but the basic functions can be selected in addition to the touch with the rotary knob on the center console.

Three main screens await the driver. The base is the complete Drive menu, which contains various information about the vehicle, media, weather or map. In addition, the driver can select the focus mode, which is ideal for dynamic driving and displays the most basic. The opposite is the Gallery function, which offers a summary of as much information as possible using the so-called widgets, just like smartphones do.

Infotainment BMW iDrive 8

Photo: BMW

The in-vehicle voice assistant, which will operate more intuitively than the previous generation, has also been improved. It is now possible to specify the name that the assistant will reply to, and with it, an on-screen gesture is prepared for the driver.

The navigation system, which is based on artificial intelligence and can predict, is also smarter. According to the driver’s habits and routes, the car is able to recognize where the driver is heading and enter the route automatically. It may help, for example, when you do not start navigating a known route, but the system warns you that there is an accident in front of you and sends you a detour.

With entertainment, it will be possible for BMW vehicles to change the volume of the power steering, the design of the screen or the color of the ambient light. The algorithm selects a color scheme based on the music currently playing. As soon as the driver approaches the car, the car recognizes from its smartphone or key that its owner is coming and will greet him.

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