Ferrari invites a few lucky customers to the launch of the new Icon

Ferrari sent to a selected group of valued customers a Invitation which confirms the presentation of the new exclusive supercar of the series Icon for next month, accompanied by a very interesting gift.

According to the latest rumors leaked on the web, the new retro-looking car will be based on the hypercar LaFerrari Aperta, but will draw heavily on the aesthetics of the legendary 330 P4 from the 1960s.

Ferrari, here is the letter written by Enrico Galliera

Ferrari: the launch of the new Icon seems confirmed for next month

The invitation sent to a few lucky customers would seem to confirm this. The invitation consists of a Ferrari branded box containing a letter and a metal gear dial like those seen on classic Ferraris with manual transmission.

It features a reverse gear lock designed to prevent racing drivers from accidentally engaging reverse gear, as well as an unusually slim design. The letter shared on Instagram given Varryx was sent to an owner of a Ferrari Monza SP, the first of two cars in the Icona series that celebrates models from the past.

New Ferrari Invitation Icon

In addition, in the same letter is a message written directly by Enrico Galliera – Ferrari Marketing Manager – and reports: “We are pleased to invite you to see the car in person at a private Preview event to be held in November in Italy. Until then you will find attached a replica of the classic Ferrari door that inspired our new Icon model”.

Unfortunately, the invitation does not mention the exact date of submission of the new Ferrari icon, but it looks like it will be shown to the private group on November 15 and to the public on the 21 of the same month.

New Ferrari Invitation Icon

The Ferrari Finali Mondiali will be held at the Mugello circuit from November 16-22, so the car’s announcement could take place these days. So far we know the mysterious Ferrari F251 will have the carbon fiber frame of the Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta while under the hood the naturally aspirated 6.5-liter V12 from 9000 rpm of the 812 Competizione without hybrid technology.

Considering the gearbox giveaway, the car will likely come with a manual gearbox. However, there remains the hypothesis of a double-clutch transmission like all Ferrari of the last generation.

New Ferrari Invitation Icon
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