Francesco Facchinetti says goodbye to his dog: “Liv does not stop crying”

Writes Francesco Facchinetti goodbye to his dead dog this morning and in addition to his pain he already knows that his daughter Liv will cry for a long time as soon as she learns that Ardi is gone. The little girl from the Facchinetti house spent hours playing with the dog that was part of the Francesco family for 15 yearsOn social media the most tender photos with his dog and Francesco Facchinetti who remembers Christmas many years ago when he arrived at their house. “The craziest dog there is” and he remembers that they always played, that when he was a puppy he combined all the colors, which then became his daughter’s dog. “Today we have lost a part of ourselves” and only those who have a dog understand the meaning of her words, the pain, the tears of little Liv.

Francesco Facchinetti’s dog has died

A message so different from the previous one, because the announcement of the death of Francesco Facchinetti’s dog comes a short distance from the denunciation of Conor McGregor’s attack.

“Hello Ardi. This morning, as soon as I woke up, I came to greet you as always. Then you went to your mother and there, in the house where you grew up, you decided to leave … “ writes Facchinetti.“I still remember when you came to our house that Christmas 15 years ago: a madman. You are THE MASK dog, the craziest there is. For you I was a brother to keep playing, I often made you angry and you combine all kinds of things – then think about when her daughter will find out that the dog is gone – Little Liv, as soon as she finds out, does not stop crying, she spent hours just having fun with you. Summarizing in a few lines what you were to me and my family would be an understatement. What is certain is that you were part of my family and today we have lost a part of us. Say hello to Hilo, Rocco, Pudo and Thor. Thank you for protecting and caring for my children. We say goodbye my friend … all the love in the world for you “.

Meanwhile, Benjamin Mascolo also denounced the attack on Francesco Facchinetti.

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