I can't tell the newspaper what I think of her. The Norwegian champion is annoyed by the news of the Russian skier

Northerners admit that skier Veronika Stěpanová frequently contributes to their social media accounts. And his visits are not always pleasant for them.

The 21-year-old contestant communicates fluently in English, so her words have a greater impact abroad. However, anyone who thinks that his statements somehow deviate from the worldview of Putin and the murders in Ukraine, which Jelena Vjalbeová, head of skiing there, reveals to the world, is very mistaken .

However, Stepanová was also Putin's guest at the Kremlin in April, where she came to receive praise for her relay gold medal at the Beijing Olympics. She did not fail to emphasize the merits of the Russian incursion into the neighboring country.

“We are on the right track and we will definitely win. Just like we won the Olympics. In my eyes, Russia has become strong, proud and prosperous again. Of course, not everyone likes this,” he said. -she declared in the presence of Putin.

As already mentioned, he also sends similar contributions to his Norwegian colleagues, who are among the most ardent and prominent advocates of the exclusion of Russians from auto racing.

Alexander Bolshunov with Olympic medals around his neck alongside President Vladimir Putin as he returns from the Beijing Olympics.

“I can't even fully say what I think of her, it doesn't fit in the paper. I guess he has to do what he does. I don't let myself be influenced,” the Norwegian representative said Emil Iversen to the newspaper Nettavisen for his disgust with Stěpanova's online activities.

“But I barely know her. I've heard her name, but I have no connection with her. She's had some good races, but it's not like she's beating the world on skis,” continued Iversen, who has over 120,000 followers on his social media profiles.

The four-time Norwegian world champion and silver medalist at the Beijing Games reportedly receives many Russian-themed responses in his emails. “But things have calmed down a bit. Even the media ask me questions about Russia less often. But when they ask me, I'm honest,” he continued.

Even his colleague Even Northug believes that there is pressure on him around the Russian question. “I already said this summer that I don't want the Russians to compete with us if the situation is still the same. And it hasn't improved in that regard,” Northug said.

“I know Russian skiers and I have always had good relations with them. I feel sorry for them, but it goes much further. We hope that these words will not be misinterpreted, but of course they are”, he sighed, seeing that the Russian media only takes from such statements what suits them.

Another Norwegian, Harald Östberg Amundsen, would not receive much news from the Russians. The public appearances of Stěpanova, who writes columns on sports and politics on the website of the Matč TV channel, are well known.

“I think we probably won't be able to be friends no matter what happens in the future,” the 24-year-old contestant made no secret of.

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