Italian Karate Cup CSEN: 7 medals for Personal Defense Karate Borgaro-Caselle

Excellent results for the athletes, who last year continued their activities with enthusiasm and passion.

by Giada Rapa

We know the two years that have just passed it was difficult for everyone, and the world of sports was no exception. Some companies have he struggled to recover the activities. Others, despite the many restrictions, tried do not give up and try to keep up with your disciplines, maybe reinventing himself or promoting outdoor exercises.

Among them the Karate Self Defense Borgaro-Caselle, which last summer participated in various sporting initiatives held in the two municipalities. “Great news in September, with the transition to new Dojoin the Borgaro Sports Hall and thanks to the collaboration withASD FITtimewhile at Caselle the beautiful collaboration with themASD Airsport“The Master explained Andrea Rapissanda. The company also participated in two different stages with the presence of two world champions – Maestro Savio Loria of Kumite and M ° Fulvio Sole of Kata- and celebrated the achievement of his black belt Rita Aquilante and Elena Cattaneo. “We are also working hard to form a team Race officials And Chairs of the jury throughSports Promotion Agency“Rapissa continued. Finally, a presence at Oriental Festival held at the Lingotto Fiere last March.

There was no lack of participation in various competitions, regional and interregional, with satisfactory results. Last, in chronological order, the Italian Karate Chen Cup, held at the Palazzetto dello Sport in Parma on the weekend of May 7-8. “In the event – in which they participated 95 companies coming from all of Italyfor set 1,682 athletes– Karate Self Defense has developed 15 tigersclassifying himself as 3to Company Italian for the specialty Kumite and well conquering 7 medals: three gold – two in favor Greta Rapisanda in the specialties Path and Balloon and one for Chiara Pellegrini in Kumite Senior? two silver – one for Francesco MarlettaKumite Juniors and one for Victoria Paratore, Kumite Debutante; finally a bronze from Christina Tondaro at Kumite Juniores “, Rapisanda commented enthusiastically.

They also touched the podium, again in the specialty of Kumite – but in different categories:
Ludovico Chisari; Elena Cattaneo; Nikolos Iakovatsos And Christian Signoroto. Good performance also for Ricardo Ruo, in a pool with 22 top level athletes. “Even the little ones are very good Martina Taburello And Alessandro Ribatoas Carlo Alberto Bonaldo, in his first national experience. And now we’re getting ready for the month of June, where the final examinations colored belts for children, teenagers and adults. “There will be a training session that will take place with the parents, for a real moment of celebration that will include above all our younger members”, concluded Rapisanda, recalling the motto of Personal Defense Karate: Fun, commitment and respect.



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