Ledecká before the season: A friend says the Olympics, now she feels good

Czech winter sports queen Ester Ledecká is getting ready for the Olympic season, but she doesn’t overestimate her participation in the Beijing Games. She calls the participation under five circles a friend, in an interview for TV Nova she also talked about working with Red Bull.

Czech athlete Ester Ledecké is soon starting the season she is looking forward to. “I’m really looking forward to it. I’m still unstable after the summer so I feel a deficit”, said the two-time Olympic winner. “I rested from skiing and snowboarding, but not a lot. We worked on the fitness, but I don’t mind, I can’t stop a lot. I add more every year, so I hope that I’ll be even better. “ Ledecka added.

At the 2018 Games, Ledecká was shocked by the world and won two Olympic gold medals in two different disciplines. Still, the 26-year-old Prague native doesn’t overestimate the competition under five circles and calls the event a friend. “I don’t take the Olympics like everyone else. Of course, I’ll go see a friend if he names me, but before and after there are races that are just as important. I have prepared the whole season. , not a single race. “ replied the friendly skier and snowboarder.

“We’re going down the slopes and pretending to be the most important thing in the world. Even if something doesn’t work out with this girlfriend, I’ll always have two gold medals. It’s a good start and it will be good if I ‘adds some. “ Ledecka added.

The 26-year-old winter sports queen also spoke about the spectators in the stands. “I don’t completely need spectators for my on-site performance, I just need the presence of people watching TV and I know that. I appreciate that people have supported me from a distance in the moments. difficult. I’m more sorry for them. We’re here to put on a show, so it’s weird when they’re not there “, saddened Ledecka.

One of the most successful Czech sportswomen currently trains on both skis and snowboards. “So far it’s fifty to fifty. I have a week of training ahead of me, I’m going to get back to snowboarding and then I’ll have a ski training camp. Then a training camp in the USA. and Canada for snowboard racing, ” revealed a native of Prague.

“I focused all of my preparation on how easily I could switch from skis to snowboards and back again. To get my body to support it, I struggled with that last year. That’s why I was doing it. did a run, even though I had planned seven. I feel good, “ Esther added. “The best thing about the Olympics is that the races don’t overlap. It’s not logistically demanding and we can finally enjoy the races with peace of mind.” the daughter of famous Czech singer Janek Ledecký continued.

Ledecká has been cooperating with Red Bull for some time and attaches great importance to the sponsor. “Since working with Red Bull, we have been to Austria for tests. They have very good instruments for measuring body and muscles, which I could not imagine until then. Recommendations were made for my preparation and we have included the news. This year has been more complete. considering the combination of skis and snowboards, ” Ledecka is done.


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