New books: Žáková, Swanová and Procházka

Jiří W. Procházka: Zátopek

Zátopka follows the dynamic narrative by intertwining time milestones containing its ups and downs. It also captures the darkest features of its nature. Get to know the story of a sports legend who achieved the impossible.

The book, based on a screenplay by David Ondříček, Alice Nellis and Jan P. Muchow, was written by Jiří Walker Procházka.

Portal, 224 pages, 239 CZK

Daniel Cole: Imitator

The year is 1989. Detective Chambers and Constable Winter are looking for a criminal with perverted passion: he has stylized the bodies of his victims in places of classical sculpture. But no one believes he is a serial killer. During the pursuit of the suspect, Chambers almost loses his life. Then one case is solved, the other is postponed, the killings stop. Seven years later, Detective Marshall returns to the investigation because he has personal reasons for doing so. He persuades Chambers and Winter to work together, but soon discovers that the killer has decided to assemble his “collection”.

Caliber, 336 pages, 320 CZK

Václav Havel, Karel, Hvížďala: Dálkový výslech

The remote interrogation of Vaclav Havel is the most discreet and also the most successful book of our former president. It is a confession of his relationship with people, art, politics and it is also his biography. Giving this interview to Karel Hvížďal, he was relieved of the obligation to write his memoirs once. The remote interrogation was first published in Czech in London in 1986. The revised edition, supplemented by unique photographs or a foreword by Petr Pithart, is based on the 85th birthday of Václav Havel and the 80th birthday of Karel Hvížďala.

Universe, 240 pages, 209 CZK

Jan Bauer: The Lost Tiara

On February 7, 1311, in the basilica of St. The new Czech King Jan of Luxembourg and his wife Eliska are crowned at Prague Castle. A beautiful gold and a tiara decorated with pearls and sapphires, already worn by Guta Habsburg’s mother, were used for her coronation. Since then, it is stored together with other coronation jewels in the jewelry box of the Basilica of St. Welcome. However, when Queen Eliška put this rare daidem on her head for the second time on the occasion of the baptism of Václav’s son, the future Charles IV, it was discovered that she was missing in the jewelry store.

TL Swan: On the second attempt

I met Tristan Miles at a meeting where he tried to take over the multimedia company – my legacy from my late husband. Tristan is rich, powerful – and also arrogant and completely unbearable. I hate him with every cell of my body! So why the hell is he so incredibly attractive ?! Just three days after the meeting, he called me unexpectedly – and called me on a date! Of course, I would rather die than meet a man like him. Everyone knows Tristan Miles always gets what he wants – and right now he wanted me!

Transfer, 440 pages, 449 CZK

Helena Žáková: Saudade

Set on the wild Atlantic coast, the novel brings four different perspectives on mysterious Portugal. High school student Magdalena takes part in an exchange study stay in Porto and discovers the world of surfing and endless fun. Twenty-six-year-old Tom, in his melancholy mood, is in the fairytale area of ​​the Algarve, where he meets the unhappy Portuguese Beatrice. The next series of stories leads the reader to the late 1940s and tells the story of her grandmother, who went to St. Vincent Cape to her husband, the lighthouse keeper, in complete isolation. The fourth heroine is a young Inês who grows up in southern Portugal in the shadow of her best friend.

James Patterson, Chris Grabenstein: Kočka versus pes

Oscar is a happy dog ​​- a happy puppy and an avid scout. Thanks to his family, he knows very well that inflated cats are only suitable for hunting trees. Molly is a smart cat who knows full well that the fame and happiness of a movie star awaits her. He comes from a family of noble cats who despise running and disgusting dogs! Oscar and Molly have been hearing all their lives about how dogs and cats hate each other. One day, they are both desperately lost in the forest and when their paths cross, these lifelong prejudices emerge in all their beauty. Humorous illustrated story for children from 8 years old.

Arto Paasilinna: The forest of hanging foxes

A criminal who escapes from stolen gold from an ex-partner, a burnt-out officer looking for a new life and a 90-year-old woman who refuses to trade her house with an old man – three incredible heroes of the comedy novel The Forest of the Hanging Foxes whose paths intersect in an icy desert landscape in northern Lapland.

OneHortBook, 7:19 p.m., 339 CZK

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