Nine great talents of Czech sport. Remember these names

In recent days, we have presented nine talents of Czech sport, nine athletes on the List of News site, which could, perhaps soon, make us very happy. They have the potential to rise to the top of the world in their discipline and fight for the highest sporting goals.

Hockey player David Jiříček is the youngest player to play for the independent Czech national team. In the World Cup which has just started, he will be watched closely by the eyes of the agents of the foreign teams, so that they can reach the young defender from Pilsen right after the championship in the first round of the NHL Draft. According to experts who spoke to the News List, David Jiříček can follow in the footsteps of Jaromír Jágr.

Lukáš Ambros grew up a bit hidden from the eyes of Czech football fans. At club level, the creative midfielder fights for Wolfsburg, Germany, where he once tried his hand as a team captain until the age of nineteen, and has even recently started train with a Bundesliga player. For the Czech Republic, Ambros already has sharp matches for the national team of nineteen, where coach David Holoubek cannot praise him and confirms that this young footballer has probably started an extraordinary career. Everything indicates that in a few years we could applaud Lukáš Ambros when he joins, like Nedvěd or Rosický, one of the main European football clubs.

Even the greatest Czech floorball talent is unlikely to stay home for long. Filip Forman attracts Sweden, the cradle of floorball. Scandinavia had already seen the young player from the Bohemians from Prague and were excited. Filip Forman can choose from offers from the best floorball teams in the world.

Sports Talent of the Year

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The News list represents the sports talents of the year.

List of News is looking for the Czech Republic’s greatest sports hopefuls. Watch the series Sports Talent of the Year. In collaboration with experts, we present nine extremely talented athletes who excel in tennis, floorball, biathlon, rowing, ice hockey, MMA, cycling, football and track and field.

In another position, they are logically the representatives of individual sports, but perhaps their talent will excel even more. Fifteen-year-old tennis player Brenda Fruhvirtová is one of the top 10 players in the world in her age category, and longtime coach of the women’s tennis team Petr Pála has confirmed that she is the most youngster of the Fruhvirt sisters with extraordinary talent and promise of Czech tennis.

The best Czech rower in history, Ondřej Synek, pointed out Jan Čížek from Tábor, because he has extraordinary prerequisites for high-level rowing and, in addition, a “well-tuned head”. The roster of talented athletes with high potential for international success also includes biathlete Petr Hák, cyclist Mathias Vacek, decathlete František Doubek and MMA wrestler Tereza Bledá.

We will continue to follow their path to great sporting moments, and a year from now we will be a little smarter again, wondering if we were wrong in believing that these young athletes have a bright future. And maybe we’ll introduce another one. If young athletes in the Czech Republic are successful, we can select the sports talent of the year, for example, every year. Frankly, we would like that very much.

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