“Summer in music”, in Pisignano the performance “Ridi, Canta e Balla” with Sgabanaza.

Start as scheduled Saturday, June 25, from 9.00 p.m. in Pisignano square of the parking lot “Fusignani” in front of Enrico Elementary School stop a special night also associated with traditions with a person known for his comedy and complicity with the public “” Sgabanaza “Romagna favorite with the show: Ridi, Sing and Dance.

This first night is held in collaboration with the Cervia municipal administration, which proposes nights in the Cervia area to enhance the traditions of Romagna culture.

The festival will continue with three other very important nights and with exceptional characters from the world of entertainment on July 2, always at 9.00 pm. with Gusto and Lidia with music and songs from the 70s / 80s and Romagna smooth. July 9 will be the turn of the show team of Settecrociari, dancers of the ballet school directed by Maestro Paolo Pasini, who is also a reference for the Seven Eventi. to be completed on July 16, always at 9.00 p.m. with a wonderful night for the first time in our country “BIMBOBELL SHOW” for young and old directly from the TV program of channel 5 “tu si que vales”.

An exhibition full of many initiatives that takes into account artistic diversity to give more opportunities for everyone to appreciate these evenings and participate. The evenings are part of the 9th edition of “E … STATE IN MUSICA” organized by the social promotion association Francesca Fontana with the cooperation of many supporters, whom we thank, to give opportunities to meet and be with friendship and listen good music, and enjoying the shows and giving a strong sense of community in our neighborhood.

So a great opportunity in these summer evenings of healthy fun and the repetition of the desire to be together after these two really critical years.

The evening, as always, has its eyes on solidarity. In fact, during the night, the volunteers of the Ravenna AIL club will be present, who will be given a part of the free offer.

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