The American drama was decided by Verstappen, Red Bull thwarted the strategy of the opponent

Max Verstappen won the United States Grand Prix on Sunday and celebrated his first victory on the Austin circuit. In the dramatic finish, he kept Lewis Hamilton behind, who thus escaped 12 points in the standings.

“I drove aggressively today and I wasn’t sure it would work. But the last few laps were fun. Of course I’m very happy to have kept the lead,” said Verstappen satisfied with the arrival.

Sergio Pérez finished third in another Red Bull. The British team celebrated their 300th place on the podium.

The dramatic race was decided by two things: strategy in the pits and Verstappen’s excellent work in the final heats, when he withstood the onslaught of the defending champion.

Although the Dutchman started from pole position, he came out of the first corner as Hamilton’s race leader. The two riders held on until the first pit stops,

After them the situation changed: Verstappen returned to the Grand Prix and was chased by Hamilton. During the second visits to the mechanics, the strategies of the two leaders differ significantly.

While Red Bull opted for earlier use of new tires, Mercedes hesitated the same six laps with the same pitch. The reason was the belief that less tire wear would work in Brit’s favor at the end of the Grand Prix.

It also almost came true, as Hamilton caught up with his rival, but when he slipped behind Red Bull a few laps before the finish he couldn’t reduce the loss in the desired second. Only then could he use the DRS system, which would greatly facilitate overtaking.

On the contrary, Mercedes single stations don’t feel the best in the air vortex (what is known as dirty air), so Verstappen was able to celebrate the nineteenth career victory and increase the lead at the top of the World Cup on arrival. Five other Grands Prix are missing by the end of the season.

“Max did a lot of work today. It was a very difficult race. I started well and gave everything. But in the end someone else was happy,” Hamilton admitted afterwards. the race, which could be satisfied with at least one point. for the best lap in the race.

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