1: 1 against Austria Klagenfurt: LASK was not awarded

After Andreas Wieland’s first victory in Helsinki, LASK could not match the Bundesliga. After a 1-1 (1-0) victory at Austria Klagenfurt on Sunday, the Linz side remained in the league for the seventh time in a row without any sense of accomplishment. After the guest score opened by Thomas Goiginger shortly before the whistle for the break (45th + 1), Patrick Greil equalized for the promoted player on a free kick (55th). LASK then worked in vain.

Wieland, who took over from Dominik Thalhammer at the start of the week, is now with his team in penultimate place in the standings with seven points. LASK has only scored six goals in eight rounds. The Klagenfurters are in the middle of the table with nine pawns. Coach Peter Pacult is still undefeated at home with the league newcomer.

Pre-match injury issues on the defense have stuck with LASK. Another defender, Jan Boller (thigh injury), gave up and Wieland decided to switch back to four. Behind the striker Mamoudou Karamoko, Sascha Horvath, Goiginger and Husein Balic were to give offensive accents. In Klagenfurt, goalkeeper Phillip Menzel returned to the starting XI after his suspension expired. Austria also afflicted many injured in the defense line.

Goiginger puts LASK in the lead

The match started very quickly, but after a quarter of an hour the ranks were consolidated. The Klagenfurters left the ball to LASK and relied on quick counterattacks. There wasn’t much the Linzers could do at first. Markus Pink has even taken the lead twice for the home side. First, center forward Alexander Schlager struggled for a save (24th), then he rolled the leather round after a counterattack from the LASK goalkeeper past the outside post (40th).

The game ended in a 0-0 break before strong individual action from Horvath put the guests ahead. The 25-year-old pushed the ball through Till Schumacher’s legs and found Goiginger free in the middle, who deliberately finished 14 yards away.

Compensation after a Schlager misstep

The Wieland-Elf were obviously eager to ramp up after the break. Menzel had to intervene in extremis twice. The last man from Klagenfurt remained the winner against Karamoko (47th) and also parried a volley from Balic at close range (51st). The Klagenfurters faltered menacingly in this phase, but wrote soon after a gift from Schlager. The domestic player was confused and took a long back pass from Goiginger into his hands in the penalty area. Greil hammered the free kick owed into the mesh by a Linz player.

Thomas Rieder from Klagenfurt then looked for the Kreuzeck with an artificial shot before LASK again invested. Of course, Upper Austria could no longer reward themselves. Balic failed to overtake substitute Christoph Monschein (69th), and Menzel blocked a shot from Horvath with his knee (73rd). Hong Hyun-seok shot the case (81st). The South Korean wanted to score a penalty in stoppage time, but received a yellow card.

Voices for the game:

Andreas Wieland (LASK trainer): “It took us 20 minutes to get into the game. Then I was very happy with the performance, but less with the result. What is missing to win is the exploitation of the scoring chances. failed to close the bag. We have to do this job, we have to decide the game in our favor from the start. ”

Regarding Schlager’s mistake before the 1-1 draw: “No complaints against Alex, it can happen. That’s why we didn’t draw. Football is a sport that makes mistakes and it must accept it. “

Peter Pacult (Klagenfurt coach): “It was a very intense game in which both teams had their defining phases. I think the main thing is that the result is correct. We can live with the 1-1 draw, LASK was under a lot of pressure during the last 20 minutes. Very well played, especially in the first half. Congratulations to my team who, after the bitter loss in Graz, were particularly convincing and showed a reaction. “

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