At the beginning of “Game of Talents”, the new show with Alessandro Borghese, Mara Maionchi and Frank Matano

Alessandro Borghese takes off the role of chef to wear the unpublished articles of the all-round maestro, becoming the protagonist of a band that lands for the first time in Italy, after making his debut in Spain in 2019 and has traveled around the world. At his side, Mara Maionchi and Frank Matano, an established couple behind the table of Italia’s Got Talent, able to conquer and enhance talent in all its forms. It is the cast of Game of Talents, the new show of TV8 prime time in which the game of conjecture and “talent” are united, in a crescendo of intensity and fun. Six episodes of Fremantle production in a world premiere on TV, from tomorrow, every Tuesday in prime time on TV8.

“I had a lot of fun, thanks to Mara and Frank. “In the broadcast we have the talent menu and the plateau of the spheres, small ‘gastronomic memories’,” says Borghese, seeking some support from his new management in his true profession as a cook. Shortly afterwards, he talks about Mara Maujodzi and Frank Matano, who play the role of captains of the two teams in the challenge: “Both Mara and Frank are extremely competitive and difficult to manage. They tease each other, entertaining and entertaining the audience, while trying to help the competitors “, who cause each other to guess, before appearing on stage, the talents of ten” hidden talents “or ten mysterious but also excellent performers. For each correct answer, the team in hand will win a cash prize that will form a personal prize. For each wrong answer, however, the amount will go to the opponent’s prize.

“It takes courage to go from cooking to talent,” Borghese continues. “But I have a team, apart from Mara and Frank who accompanied me on this adventure, I had fun and in the future we could meet others.” People want to be light and share such a product with the whole family. Today we must have fun. And by doing this job, like that of the cook, thanks to my family, I can stay in shape “.

“I had fun and Frank helped me,” says Mara Mayoncy, admitting that at first I did not understand. I did not believe – ironically – that Alessandro was so good. And the game is beautiful, the more you play it the more you get passionate about it, there is always something that catches you. Talent – he adds – is a kind of program that does not weigh me down, in which I participate with a great desire to understand. After all, supporting others makes me very happy. My personal talent? I do not know, but maybe I was a millionaire. In any case, between a competitor or a judge, I would prefer to be a competitor, I would not have any responsibility “.

“Mara and I are like classmates on a trip or students sitting on the last bench – says Frank Matano – We had a lot of fun together and Alessandro cooked me a Neapolitan pasta and potatoes that you can not imagine. Mara’s talent? Maybe this is what you can see through the spheres, and he has probably seen us naked as well. I keep in shape by climbing the stairs several times a day – he adds – since I have to go home often to collect what I forget. But the talent I would love to have is the tasteless cups of Alessandro, who tastes and feels things while cooking. And finally his look, so on: Alessandro is naked the food, dressed is the plate “.

“It’s the first program of its kind for Alessandro,” says Antonella d’Errico, Evp Programming Sky. large young audience. “Mara and Frank are Sky’s favorite people, combining them, each with their own peculiarities, triggers a mechanism of great participation at home in a show that is the result of the work of many professionals and professionals.”

“Let’s start with a bang,” says Daniele Ottier, FTA’s senior director, with enthusiasm – with an entertaining ID show for the channel. “Matano and Maionchi are two talents and two faces of the channel, friends, but everyone applauds their competitor and that creates really funny moments”. “The scheme is a success in other countries and we are delighted that Alessandro has left his comfort zone in restaurants to accept this management,” said Gabriele Immirzi, CEO of Fremantle. For his part, Chief Content Officer Fremantle Eugenio Bonacci points out that, even if the night is difficult, Game of Talents is the right program for Tv8, 2 hours in which two contestants will compete among many surprises, with prize The same Mara, passionate as she is, seemed to want to win “.

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