Baby Monkeys Tortured and Burned – Hard Videos for Entertainment

Animal rights activists aware of torturing sick monkeys (symbol photo)

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Just disgusting! Animal rights activists have uncovered plots of a perverted internet group. Here monkey babies are tortured and killed for pleasure.

According to the British Daily Star, animal rights activists have discovered an online group that tortures and kills baby monkeys for pleasure and entertainment. Team members buy a monkey and then can ask what to do with it. Video material is difficult to download – and therefore not reproduced in this article. How can you be so hard on pleasure? Animal welfare organizations are also taking strong measures against animal experiments with monkeys.

The hideous group was discovered by the American organization Lady Freethinker and the British project Action for Primates. You have noticed that the members of the online team are excited about the animals that are suffering. How small a person you have to be to be able to enjoy something like that.

Experiments on animals with monkeys have long been the subject of intense criticism. (Symbol image)

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Animal rights activists panicked: monkeys tortured for pleasure

They cut off their ears and fingers, pierced their tongues and eyelids with needles, and the monkeys were hanged or handcuffed and then beaten. In one video, a liquid is poured on one of the monkeys and set on fire. The pictures are awesome, the pictures are hard to forget. The whole thing seems to work as a service company. Individual members of the web group or groups take a monkey and then determine what needs to be done about it. To do this, they transfer money to Indonesia through an online payment service. There is someone in the area who supplies the baby monkey and fulfills the sadistic desires of the perverted tortured animals. Then they can follow the disgusting developments from the comfort of their own home.

Sick animal abusers! Can you stop them?

According to the Daily Star, the two organizations Action for Primates and Lady Freethinker are now calling on video platforms and Internet networks to take decisive action against the distribution of content with animal abuse and thus end such abuses on the Internet. Meanwhile, the Indonesian and US authorities responsible for the monkey torture group and its members. However, it is still unclear whether they will succeed and put an end to the horrific riot. What is certain is that the fight against animal cruelty is also important in Germany. A dog wash in Munich was recently set on fire.

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