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The APV (Agency Truth Scares) reports a secret meeting of the International Olympic Committee. You know, it all starts here.

Important news should appear in the next Winter Olympics:

While in Tokyo the national flags were always carried by a man and a woman, the next day they will be carried by representatives of all existing sexes, whether they exist or not. The smaller countries that protested that so many athletes and so many genders did not live with them, defended themselves. “Gender lives a lot in your country, you just have to look better,” was the counter-argument of some European countries.

The number of categories in individual industries will also increase significantly. Each gender will be entitled to a separate category. Objections that this would disproportionately extend the duration of the Olympic Games were rejected – the World Bank is willing to subsidize the largest Olympic Games on its own terms.

It was also a new form of the Olympic flag. The individual colors representing the respective continents are no longer politically unsustainable. The United States would be willing to stand out under the black color that African countries strongly reject would not be a problem, but other US states no longer agree. He does not want red or yellow on the continent, while green could belong to Europe, but he also likes Australia and the USA. No one knows how to deal with blue, it can not be mapped to any continent. India does not like the white color of the Olympic flag, which is a color of mourning for many local ethnic groups. The Pygmies and Kung demand that the Olympic rings be much smaller. Mathematicians have also spoken out, arguing that the Olympic rings are not all interconnected and suggest so-called Venn diagrams instead. However, the diagrams for the five sets look quite unusual.

And the end result? Next time, the Olympic flag will be light gray with a dark gray node chart of five perfectly interconnected nodes, in large, medium and small variants, which should always be hoisted together. The only acceptable material for the production of the Olympic flag is organic cotton.

Due to the climate, it is no longer possible to use the Olympic flame, although it is initially ignited by solar energy, which is perhaps clear. Experiments with the Olympic torch filled with hydrogen did not go well, despite the fact that water vapor is also a greenhouse gas!

All athletes will be transported to the next Olympics by dog ​​sleigh in winter (they produce less methane than reindeer), in snow-free countries and in summer by trolley. Both disciplines will become Olympic and will be evaluated immediately at the opening ceremony. Competitors were originally to be transported by sea and ocean via yachts, but in terms of the large number of competitors (there will be representatives of all sexes), galleys are being considered. Even galleries would naturally compete for medals.

By the way, medals: the extraction of precious metals is ecologically intolerable, especially with the number of medals that will be needed given the increase in categories in each sport. Therefore, the medals will only be awarded in virtual, digital form.

The new motto of Olympiacos: It is not important to win, but not to burden the planet. And do not be fooled, we provide the Truth Organization.

PS APV states that this report is absolutely true or at least prophetic.

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