Good news, the World Cup will start as planned. Biathlon replaced bowling

The temperature was over 10 degrees and the wind was bending the treetops. In such conditions, it was not safe to let the competitors go to the initial official training. The Czech team was therefore also looking for a replacement program. “We went jogging twice and we also played bowling,” described the best Czech biathlete of the moment, Markéta Davidová, during the evening meeting with journalists.

A missed training day is not a problem, especially for the home team, but according to Davidova, it is not an advantage either. “We haven't been here all year, so we're all the same,” she said, acknowledging that there were no plans to postpone the mixed relay from Wednesday, when it should also be windy.

“Before there was a sprint right after the mixed race, then it was changed to have a day off in between because there was a lot of protest that it wasn't fair,” recalls -she, emphasizing that the rested competitors who had not started the mixed relay had an advantage. “So it would be a shame to go back to it,” she said.

Even Olympic medalist Michal Krčmář was not worried about missing official training. “It hasn’t affected my plans, I don’t have the last training scheduled until Tuesday,” he said. And that the racing conditions will be difficult? He agrees with that too. “We have to be able to compete between minus eighteen and plus ten. It is possible that snow will fall, but we have to deal with it,” he says.

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