Infineon News: Infineon profits from the semiconductor boom

300 millimeter thin wafer technology

Up to 2.25 times more chips can be processed per wafer.

(Photo: Infineon)

Munich The world is hungry for power semiconductors. Infineon can deliver it thanks to its entrepreneurial foresight. The Munich-based chipmaker developed the pioneering 300-millimeter thin wafer technology at an early stage. The process makes it possible to produce the quantities demanded with the boom of the electric car.

A quarter of a year ahead of schedule, Infineon is opening its new plant in Villach equipped with this technology in the summer. It can’t go fast enough. At Infineon, capacity constraints could prove to be a limiting factor this year, warns Barclay analyst Andrew Gardiner. Power semiconductors are essential for powering servers or electric cars.

Over 300 millimeters, up to 2.25 times more chips can be processed per wafer, i.e. silicon wafer, than on the previously usual 200 millimeters. Despite the higher expenses for machinery and materials, unit costs are reduced by up to 30 percent.

This allows Infineon to produce as close as possible to its customers in Europe. Infineon developed the technology in Villach and put it into series production in Dresden. The company was the first to implement the process industrially and is extending its lead with the 1.6 billion euro building in Villach. The Bavarians innovate. The Dresden and Villach factories are virtually controlled as a single unit.

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