Over 30 podcasts to listen to now

Pacific Archive – Francesco Pacifico meets in large conversations the figures – from Oscar Farinetti to Samantha Cristoforetti, to name just two – who will be mentioned in the future for their contribution to the twenty-first century. “Who am I? How do they live? What is their professional identity? What path have they taken, how many nights have they lost, what are they afraid of and who have met on their way the most representative protagonists of our time?”


Courier Daily – His podcast Corriere della Sera every day develops a topic of news from Italy or the world. Tommaso Pellizzari, who edits the podcast, engages journalists from various sections of the newspaper, asking them to delve deeper into the chosen topic.

Morning – Comments Francesco Costa, in his daily podcast with The publication, the topics of the day through a very accurate press review. The focus is on Italy, but its deputy director Position It also covers foreign policy issues.

The daily – The podcast of the American newspaper The New York Times, with the voice of the journalist Michael Barbaro, narrates the most important events of the day, explained with the help of the voices of the editorial staff.


Everything is Alive – Ian Chillag makes dialogues, in each episode, a lifeless object: from the box with cola to the pillow, the tone is that of the real interview, but the dialogues are obviously invented, although perfectly reasonable.

Science, history and culture

F *** ing Genius – Massimo Temporelli, physicist and science writer, remains “stuck” in headphones with this series of podcasts that passionately tell the great figures who changed our evolution, the story of talents who have known the perfect cultural environment to be able to change the trajectory of our culture and our culture.

Let’s learn ASMR – This podcast – with a YouTube channel attached – is very popular around the world and aims to combine culture and relaxation: it talks about literature, math, science, astronomy … but there are also 5 hour episodes in which the only sound you hear is the rain of a storm. Extremely relaxing.

Lectures and history conferences by Alessandro Barbero – All the series signed by Professor Barbero have an immediate and intergenerational success: the secret is the narrator’s extraordinary ability to engage and fascinate, whether we are talking about great emperors, Punic wars or lesser-known historical events.

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