Skåne civil opposition to Tidö point on specifying patients

The Tidö agreement, which is a political agreement between the bourgeois governing parties M, KD and L and the support party Sweden Democrats, includes a point to examine whether authorities should be given responsibility for ensuring that people they come into contact with have a legal have the right to stay in Sweden. In practice, civil servants may be required to report those who do not have this right. The study examines, among other things, whether there are “painful values” that could constitute exceptions that could concern healthcare.

But the criticism is harsh nonetheless, and many believe it would create a reporting system that creates ethical stress for healthcare workers, for example, and could discourage people in need of care from seeking help. As Läkartidningen reported, thousands of health workers protested at a rally and the Moderate Youth Association demanded that health care would be unquestionably exempt if the Tidö proposal becomes a reality, a line the Medical Association also supports.

In Skåne, even the regional party members of the governing parties are now impressing along with the red-greens. In a letter to the government, they say that healthcare professionals should not feel obliged to designate someone. This means that all regional parties, except the Swedish Democrats, feel the same way about the issue, the report says South Sweden. In addition, the government of Scania, consisting of M, KD and L, has a partnership with SD.

– That’s why we thought it was important to draw red lines for the collaboration to work with SD. That it is precisely a budgetary cooperation, beyond that we are completely free to settle accounts with other parties, says regional board chairman Carl Johan Sonesson (M) to Sydsvenskan, adding that they respect that SD has other opinions.

The letter came about through an initiative by the opposition politician Henrik Fritzon (S) that “reporting duty should not be introduced in health and medical care”. And the bourgeois three-leaf clover in the region agreed. The letter was thus signed by all parties except SD.

– We want to highlight humanity and ethics at this stage, emphasizes regional councilor Per Einarsson (KD).

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The medical journal 22-23/2023
(updated 5/31/2023)

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