Daylight saving time usually signals alarms from the country’s maternity hospitals, which go to their knees as staff go on vacation as women continue to give birth. And despite the fact that some ten billion euros have been invested in improving maternity care and women’s health since 2015, the government believes that more is needed.

– The government has taken several measures to strengthen maternity care in the country, but believes that additional resources are needed. That is why we are now supporting the regions with additional resources in 2023. The resources can go to initiatives that strengthen the working environment, new working methods and staffing, says Health Minister Acko Ankarberg Johansson (KD) in a press release.

The government sees “continuing challenges” in the area of ​​accessible, equal and person-centred care and points to significant differences between different regions and maternity hospitals. Midwives’ competence offerings are another problem, exacerbated by deficiencies in the working environment and a major generational shift.

The 100 million that will now be paid out to strengthen maternity care this summer will be divided among the regions on the basis of population.

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