A new Swedish hub for eHealth innovation in health data is now being launched

Health Data Sweden, HDS, officially launched on Tuesday. The aim of this hub is to accelerate and improve the development of health data in society. The hub is aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises and public activities.

The hub consists of different actors who can help in different areas (see fact box), for example financing and training. There are universities such as Halmstad University and Karolinska Institutet, regions such as Stockholm and Västerbotten, and other partnerships such as Blue Science Park or Digitalwell.

At the risk of getting bogged down in various acronyms, Swedish HDS can be said to be one of the EU’s European digital innovation hubs, EDIH for short. The EDIH of Sweden and other countries are together part of a European network, which will flex the EU’s digital muscles even more.

EDIH is not just about health data, but brings together networks from different countries in different areas. The aim is to gather expertise and funding within the EU.

And it can be seen in light of the fact that the EU is developing several so-called data areas. As Läkartidningen said earlier, a European health data space is the first of these. It will set a standard for data transfers within the EU and give individuals control over their shared health data.

Read more about the new Swedish hub at HDS website.

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18 actors in digital development

The 18 that will be part of the collaboration at the launch of HDS are: Royal University of Technology, Blekinge University of Technology, Blue Science Park, Bron, Digitalwell Arena, E-health Arena, EIT Digital, EIT Health, Halmstad University, Karlstad University , Karolinska Institutet, Linnaeus University, Stockholm Region, Västerbotten Region, Stockholm University, Stockholm Science City, Stunts Life Science and Uppsala University

(updated 2023-06-21)

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