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The Amateur Sports Associations (ASD) during the pandemic emergency experienced a critical period, who saw them a little neglected and neglected by political decisions, which instead focused more on the professional categories. The result was that most amateur sports suffered long, cradles.

The resumption of amateur sports associations in Arezzo

That is exactly what we talked about, and not just that Martina Rosucci, one of his most famous footballers football in Italy and abroad, which he chose to contribute to all ASD / SSD Italians, and therefore from Arezzo.

Martina, today you are an established footballer, but going back in time, what do you remember with more pleasure from your debut?

I was 16 when I made my Serie A debut, I was very young and I was thinking of playing. Not that I realized that I was a footballer, I realized it in the following years. If I had to say one thing in particular, I am thinking of the lightness, that of the early years: it is an emotion that I remember with pleasure and that I regret at times.

The global state of emergency has been a major challenge for amateur associations, even more so than the top clubs. What were the most obvious difficulties?

Sport has suffered a very serious loss, there has been an obvious collective immobility, with young people who for a long time have not been able to engage in sports. I wonder when only professionals could go out to train in the park, while many amateur clubs had to leave. I’m talking about football, but it applies to all sports, because they are passions that unite athletes of all levels and play in either Serie A, Champions League or minor divisions. I felt very lucky at that moment because I was playing in a club that allowed us to do a lot and treated us like professionals and, in any case, despite the difficulties I managed to do what I loved.

Yours is a career made of successes, but also difficult moments. What has been the biggest challenge you have had to overcome in recent years?

I have suffered two very serious knee injuries. Getting up and returning to doing what I loved in the best way was difficult, but an even more difficult challenge was getting all the people who did not believe in me to believe in me, especially after the second injury. I felt like I was the only one who believed it. This is a challenge that, in fact, we footballers have to live with every day: to prove who we are and what we deserve in every game.

Speaking of challenges, today you are one of the ambassadors of the “Lavazza per lo Sport” project that supports amateur sports. Do you want to address all the athletes and sports fans who will contribute to the support of the amateur sports reality?

ASD is the beginning of every champion. Today I will play in the Champions League and we who made the dream come true, owe everything, really everything, to the clubs in which we were born. I think of Paradiso and Lucento, the clubs when I was little, who allowed me to play and without whom I would not be who I am today. I want to thank all the ASDs who make great efforts, sometimes even without return, and I want to tell all the athletes and athletes to always believe in what they do, because dreams are built on clay and on the road. You always have to believe in it and do the best you can, both in a stadium like the Alliance Arena and in the stadium near your home. Now it’s up to you and all sports fans to support ASD!

As for the amateur clubs that will be involved, do you want to make them a special wish?

Get as creative as possible and move on to the music. We often use social media for fun and pure hobbies, in this case it is an important goal and a simple challenge may change the future of some amateur clubs. Take it for granted at the level of creativity, but seriously for its intention.

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Test yourself with the challenge #LavazzaPerLoSport Αυτόν Use this sound, start push-ups and support your ASD with Lavazza! #ONE D

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Martina Rosucci, today he is a football player established that after playing in Turin and Brescia, he became a key pawn in the middle of the pitch, Juventus and of National of Italy, in which he has already accumulated several successes.

However, as the interview shows, she is closely associated with amateur sports, because she, like all great Italian athletes, started from there, from the rhetorical field and from the small sports associations of the neighborhood, for this reason today . decided to go out on the field for a new challenge: to restart Italian amateur sports.

The footballer has lined up in parallel Lavazza, supporting the project LavazzaForLoSport, is committed to specifically supporting development and restart of the territorial sports reality to favor the resumption of sporting activity of much of the Italian population. Suffice it to say that the approximately 100,000 Italian ASD / SSDs have over 12 million members who are passionate about many sports.

Work “Lavazza for Sport“, Intends to support the new generations of athletes, because in them are hidden the champions of tomorrow. Again for this reason, Lavazza decided to support them using not only ambassador prestige such as Martina Rosucci, Claudio Marchisio and other promising young people from the world of sports, but also using a channel formally associated with the new generations: Tik Tok.

Lavazza’s initiative is simple: all Italian ASD, through a series The challenges of Tik Tok will be able to compete and get votes to rise in the national rankings that are in view good for equipment and sportswear with a total value of € 100,000. To vote your ASD / SSD, in a virtual way, will be its buyers Lavazza products who will follow the challenges in the social network.

And then we join in the appeal of Martina Rosucci and Lavazza: it’s time to go down all in the field alongside the Italian amateur sportThe Get involved with me Lavazza for Sport!

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